Spider-Man 2
Super Poseable Spider-Man

Coheteboy hits us tonight with a review of the brand spanking new small scale super poseable Spider-Man.  I say small scale, because there's an 18" version of this puppy as well!  Take it away, Coheteboy!

If July 2nd can't come soon enough, you may be in luck for Toy Biz has put out TWO sets of figures from the upcoming Spider-Man 2 movie. Two sets of figures means there are currently at least EIGHT different Spidey figures to choose from with no sign of Doctor Octopus just yet. Toy Biz has pushed the envelope of 6" figures with this offering so make sure you put this on your 2004 must have list. 

Packaging - ***
ToyBiz went with the standard card and bubble for the Spider-Man 2 toy line that is serviceable for both kids and collectors alike. The colors selected are sharp and attractive using gold, a color that isn't used much on any other toy line. The title is displayed along the right hand side with a black stripe. 

Sculpting - ****
As picky as I can get, I don't think they could have done much better with the sculpt on this version of 'ol Web Head. Although it looks similar to the version done for the first film, the sculpt is entirely new. This looks just like our favorite super hero no matter what pose you put him in. The webbing is sculpted all over the red surfaces and there are fine fabric details in the legs as well. Outstanding looking figure all around. 

Paint - ***1/2
The Spider-Man I have has a pretty good looking paint job. The blues look darker this time around just as the reds look brighter. All colors are accurate where they need to be and the surrounding webbing is also very precise. No complaints at all here.

Articulation - ****
I've said "wow" a dozen times over on the articulation of Marvel Legends figures, but this one deserves a lot more than just "wow." The packaging boasts 46 points of articulation on this puppy, which is absolutely amazing! Just imagine the best articulation from the Marvel Legends and think about what could be done to top that. Super Poseable Spidey really is SUPER poseable. 

Spider-Man has four articulated fingers on each hand and that already exceeds what a normal Star Wars figure has total! Moving up you have movement on the wrist, rotation below the elbow, two joints in the elbow, rotation above the bicep, ball jointed shoulder, and it doesn't end there! The shoulder also includes joints that allow Spidey to reach further forwards and upwards, to better navigate the skies. The legs are standard of Marvel Legends now but there's added articulation above the waist. The head/neck is also improved for better movement to look straight up or to look down. 

The articulation is most impressive, but with great strength comes great responsibility. This many points of articulation can't possibly mean that everyone will get a perfect figure. There will be problems. Mine already has incredibly loose knees making it most difficult to stand up. 

Accessories - **1/2
Only one wall mountable display base comes with Spider-Man, but it's a good one. Not only can Spidey perch himself on the sign (note: there are no pegs for Spider-Man's feet), there's a clamp attached to a rope that allows Spider-Man to swing. The base serves those purposes pretty well but I would have hoped that these bases were usable without being mounted on the wall, but unfortunately this base cannot stand on its own. 

Value - ****
At under $7, you can't beat an amazing figure with a cool wall mountable base. 

Overall - ****
Despite problems I've had with Spidey's knees, this is a perfect figure at a perfect price. The amount of articulation is unbelievable and you have to give Toy Biz mega brownie points for even pushing it this far. If you like Spider-Man, make sure you get this figure!

Where to Buy:
This figure was purchased at Wal-Mart but the other assortment of Spider-Man 2 figures can be found at Target. Other retailers are sure to stock this line as well. 


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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