Mad Max - Road Warrior

Fans of the movies Mad Max, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome were thrilled to hear that N2 Toys was going to do a line of figures based on the characters from The Road Warrior. 

The wait is over.  These figures are starting to show up first at Hot Topic stores, and should be showing up at others very soon.  There are six in the set (technically), two Max's (one with a dog, and one with the little boy), Wez, Humungous, 'warrior woman', and 'gyro captain'.  The one Max (the one pictured) is the beat up version, with bloody eye.

These are selling for $12.99 at Hot Topic - ouch!  I'm assuming they'll be around eight bucks or so at regular retail, but I fear they may be as much as $9.99.

Packaging - *
Here's how to do BAD blister card packaging.  The artwork is bland, and while the names of the figures is on the front of the card on the bottom right, it isn't anywhere on each card or under the pictures of the figures on the back.  In other words, the cards are EXACTLY the same for all six figures. The huge bubble really makes the lack of accessories with several of the figures stand out as well.

Articulation - *1/2
The figures range from four points to six, as best I could tell.  There may be some hidden cut joints on the ones I didn't buy, but overall the articulation is terrible.

The two pictured here are examples - Max has shoulders, a hidden bicep cut on the right arm, and hips.  No neck, no elbows, no wrists, no knees...awful.  The boy has four points - shoulders and hips.

I saw all the figures at the store, and none of them were much more than statues.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting here is very hit and miss.  The 'warrior woman' is probably the best, while I think Humungous and the 'gyro captain' were both very weak.  Sure, Humungous looks good if you don't expect him to look like the source material, but his legs are HUGE in comparison to the rest of his body.  Scale is a problem with all the sculpts - the sculpt on the body and face of the 'gyro captain' looks nothing like the actor with legs waaay too long for reality, and the head of the little kid is about twice the size of the head on Max.

The sculpting on the uniforms of Max and Wez are great, and the Wez head isn't too bad.  The Max head isn't bad, but the paint work hurts it.

Paint - **
The paint work is good in terms of clean lines, no sloppy operations.  But the colors are off - the black hair and eyebrows on Max, along with the much heavier beard really hurts any chance the sculpt might have had at looking like Mel Gibson.

Also, the dirt wash on Max makes him look like he was caught in a major sand storm, not just a little dirty and weathered.

Accessories - *1/2
Scale seems to be a problem with the accessories - or those that are there.  The best assortment comes with the two Max figures, since you also get the dog figure or the boy figure.  Most of the other figures only come with one or two (or even zero!) accessories.  Many of those accessories they did include seem too small.

Value - *
These figures are worth about $6.  $8-$10 is a rip off - don't even begin to think about $13.

Overall - *1/2
I was disappointed by these, obviously.  For this kind of money I expect more than four or five points of articulation, a couple accessories, and less than stellar sculpts.  Major fans of the Mad Max series will buy them anyway, but this level of work really doesn't deserve our support.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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