U.S. Navy Seal
Night Ops Jumper

Eric Rodriguez, owner of Red Planet Toys, is back tonight with a great sixth scale review from Hot Toys.  It's all yours, Eric!

I’ve been colleting 1/6 scale figures for over 5 years now. Like most collectors, I started out with GI Joe. Since then many new companies have emerged pushing the envelope in 1/6 scale detail. Hot Toys is one of those companies. Their latest release is the US Navy SEAL Night Ops Jumper.

Packaging - ****
The figure comes packed in a bright and detailed box. The front of the box give you a clear image of the figure. Nice graphics. Well executed. The back of the box is where Hot Toys really wows you. Thirty images showing you how cool the figure you are about to buy really is. You’ll find close-ups of the weapon and gear, plus images of the figure with and without his parachute gear. Action shots, too. It’s all there! Below that is a picture of past Hot Toys figures. At this point they’re up to 30 with not much room for more. I’m curious to see what happens 10 new figures in to the future. Inside, the figure comes in your average clear plastic “coffin”. The packaging is collector-friendly, so it’ll be easy if you decide to repack the figure later on. The one odd thing that you’ll notice when you open your Navy SEAL is that inside the box is another box. The Navy SEAL is packed in the box for their previous figure, the US Army Airborne Ranger! This doesn’t take anything away from the packaging, just a bit odd. 

Sculpting - ****
The head and weapons are the only items sculpted here and I think that Hot Toys did an exceptional job. The head sculpt has a slight George Clooney resemblance. The weapons are well detailed and have tiny writing on it just like the actual weapons! Very cool. 

Paint - ****
Paint job on the head sculpt is very well done. What I really liked about this figure is that items like the helmet, weapon and even parts of the clothing have been given a “weathered” look. Very well done.

Articulation - ***
Ok, finally my lowest rating. I have to give this figure 3 out of 4 stars on articulation. Not because it isn’t good, but because compared to other 1/6 scale figures on the market, like Dragon, Hot Toys figures don’t have that awesome, smooth articulation. It’s a bit stiff in some areas. Also, the fingers in theor “bendy” hands (hands with individually articulated fingers) are a bit long. Giving it that E.T. alien look. Perhaps if Hot Toys used the same hands that Dragon uses I could give this figure a half star.

Accessories - ***1/2
Now this is where Hot Toys wows you. This figure is packed to the gills with tons of gear! You’ll find everything from parachute gear, knife, pouches, backpack and helmet and night vision glasses, kneepads and tons more. There’s even “tape” to tape down items like the strobe light that attaches to the top of the helmet. The figure even has removable fabric gloves! I found all the accessories to be well made. No sloppy work.
Now one really smart and helpful thing that Hot Toys did with their previous figure, the US Army Airborne Ranger, was to add an instruction sheet explaining on how to properly attach all the gear. Great idea! Strange thing is this time they included the same instruction sheet from their previous figure, which doesn’t exactly apply here. It works for the parachute gear, which is the same, but it doesn’t help with the rest of the gear.

Value - ***
Ok, I’ll admit, at $100 this figure isn’t for everyone. I thought the same thing when I saw the price. Perhaps at $70 or maybe even $80 more people would buy this figure, but I have to admit, once you see all the gear and how well detailed and designed it is I think you’ll find it worth the extra bucks. If you want to add a stand out figure to your collection, then this is the one. Hot Toys really goes to town on their figures to try and make it worth the premium price. Just like their previous figure, the US Army Airborne Ranger, this figure delivers.

Overall - ***1/2
Overall, I think this is an outstanding figure. Tons of beautifully detailed gear makes this a stand out figure once displayed. The price point and lack of good instructions keeps this figure from a perfect 4 star rating, but if you’re into modern figures and want to add a stand out figure to your collection, you can’t go wrong with this one. I love mine!

Where to Buy:
No big surprise here, but Eric carries this figure at Red Planet Toys for $100.


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