Timeless Collection Green Beret

When I was growing up in the 1970's, my dad was a member of the US Army's 12th Special Forces, so as a kid, the one GI Joe item I ALWAYS wanted was the Green Beret GI Joe.  This way, I could pretend Joe was on the same adventures my dad was. Alas, my appreciation for GI Joe came at the time when the "Adventure Team" GI Joe line was in full swing, and the Green Beret Joe was out of production...I have a confession! I am now 33 years old, and I STILL play with toys! I don't collect them, I accumulate them! And once they get home from the store, they come right outta the box! With that said, I am pleased to now have in my extensive "collection" of 12" Action Figures the GI Joe Timeless Collection Green Beret!

Packaging - ***
Sorta what I expected from Hasbro: The window-front box, retro-style GI Joe graphics, and the elaborate use of twist ties to hold the figure and most of the accessories securely in place. The box is fairly sturdy enough to fulfill the needs of the MIB collector. But this Joe is MINE, and he's coming outta the box!!!

Sculpting - **1/2
GB Joe has the same face (not wimpy, but not overtly imposing, baring the same trademark scar on the right cheek) as the classic Joes from the 1960's and early 1970's. The hands are the same, nearly-useless ones  you remember as a kid, and have the same right-hand "index-finger-thumb-pinching pose" and left-hand "fore-grip-grab-pose" as yesteryear!

Paint - ***
Joe's paintwork is spartan, but effective, and consists of the facial details (hair, eyes, lips, scar) as well as flesh-tones applied over the metal rivets in his body joints. He's essentially JUST like the vintage figures!

Accessories - **1/2
Again, I am spoiled by the superb array of 1/6 scale accessories available. However, the fact that Hasbro reproduced the 1960s Green Beret accessories just for this set IS dually impressive! This set boasts a mess of old-style goodies: a Bazooka with 2 shells, an M-16, a radio box that opens to reveal the headset and Morse Code key, a diecast-metal .30 caliber with tri-pod, ammo box, camouflage netting, tent poles, rope, and plastic foliage for camouflaging the lean-to. The M-16A1 is slightly undersized in scale, and the bazooka is slightly oversized. ( I still haven't figured out how to set up the camouflage net canopy yet...) The cloth belt and ammo pouches are simply classic in appearance. And let us not forget the dog tags!!

Uniform - *** 
The  "duck camo" fatigues look simply classic, and REALLY took me back to my childhood! The rubber beret bares the insignia flash of the US 5th Special Forces, and fits nicely on Joe's head. The flash is supposed to be worn above the left eye, and I was initially disappointed that it wasn't packaged that way! But it's easily fixed when the figure is removed from the package.

Articulation/Body - **1/2
When I was younger, the vintage Joes were awesome!!! The articulation was superb, if only because it was the best you could get! But after about 5 years of having Classic Collection Joes, then Dragon action figures, and then Ultimate Soldiers to play with has spoiled me! Does Vintage-style Joe's articulation still rock? Sure. If you're eager to re-live your childhood adventures!

Value - ***
I picked this guy up on clearance at for $19.99, plus tax, and a coupon code for free shipping. The ability to obtain a set in reproduction that I yearned for as an 8-year-old, but could never get is WELL worth the $20!!! I am a bonified cheapskate, and am so happy to have
this set for the price, as I could NEVER afford an original!

Overall - ***
The value factor, combined with the ability to finally have the set I wanted as a kid 25 years ago was TOO good to pass up. On a shelf, next to my newer-fangled 12" action figures, Green Beret Joe looks cheesy and hokey! But the 8-year-old inner child in me says "He's SO cool!" Bottom line: If not for the fact that I am spoiled by ALL the other 12" Military-themed figures on the market  today, the GI Joe Timeless Collection Green Beret would get 4 stars!

The Rater:  Hutt Wigley resides in Eagle, Idaho with his wife and son.  Hutt got his
first G.I Joe when he was three years old.  Growing up his father was in the
army and it gave him inspiration to create adventures for his own action
figures.  Hutt began to seriously collect G.I. Joes when his father gave him
the Timeless Collection G.I. Joe and "The Story Behind The Legend" book on
his 30th birthday.  Since then his collection has over 150 12" action
figures.  As a father himself, he now creates adventures for his son's and
his own G.I. Joes.

Figure from the collection of Hutt Wigley.

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