13" Hulk

EDIT 02/12/03 - I added some additional pictures of the 'snarling' Hulk version from Coheteboy!

Tonight we have the latest guest review from Robert the Red - the huge movie Hulk figure, this one with the 'calm' face.  Take it away, Bobby!

It's looking more and more like Marvel's going to have another "Spider-Man" sized winner on their hands with "The Incredible Hulk" movie (although it may be balanced with the utter dog that is certain to be the Ben Afflek "Daredevil"). The action figures are evidently beginning to show up at certain Targets. Mine didn't have the carded versions, but did have this gigantic vinyl fig which will likely double for the 12" scale figure, as I can't imagine them going to the effort to tool up an entire figure in this scale..

Packaging - ***
A simple, open front cardboard box with attractive graphics. You can touch and handle the figure, but he's securely wired in. Great for MIB collectors, but it's sort of a pain to get him out without destroying the box.

Sculpting - ****
Sure, he's just a muscular naked guy in purple pants (well, blue pants here), but the sculptor really went to town with detailing muscle tone, veins and the like. Plus, the proportions really get across how *massive* this guy is. Particular kudos must go to the head sculpt. It's absolutely perfect, the best looking Hulk I've ever seen, angry and grim without the typical constipated look lazier sculptors typically go for. If he looks half this good in the movie, it'll be a winner.

Paint - ****
Sure, he's just green, but there's a lot of airbrushed shading added to bring out the muscle tone, and the eyes and hair are well detailed as well. His finger- and toenails are even a lighter shade of green like real nails are. Please note, the figure is actually a darker green than he photographed, a bit more of a "real" green (if there's such a thing).

Articulation - ****
For a vinyl figure, this guy's definitely approaching action figure levels. By my count, there's fifteen points, although most are merely cut joints, somewhat limiting the poses he can go in. This probably wasn't a bad idea, as the sculpt's integrity was maintained, and they may yet do an actual 12" scale real, honest-to-gosh figure figure. For the record, he's got (all cut) neck, elbows, wrists, waist, hips ("V" joint), mid-thigh, and ankles. He's also got ball-jointed shoulders and mid-torso/chest articulation.

Accessories - *
Nothing. Just the Hulk. I suppose he could have come with a rock or a girder, but whaddya gonna do?

Outfits - ****
There's not really much to the Hulk's outfit - just ripped up pants, which are done rather well here, with detailing such as belt-loops, pockets, a waistband, etc, all cut up to get frayed with play. It even has two real snaps holding the entire thing closed. I'm giving them an extra star here for going the extra mile and not cheaping out.

Value - ****
I suspect he'll be around $15, which isn't bad at all for such a large figure, as he'll fit in well with your other 12" figs and will be quite the foe for your military guys. I say "suspect" as my Target didn't have him in the system, and for some reason the toy person told them to ring him up at $6.98. That's a great bargain, but don't count on him at that price.

Overall - ****
I think this is one of the best Hulk figures ever made, and certainly the best 12" scale Hulk (not that he has much competition). He stands head and shoulders over any other 12" figure, and looks imposing and intimidating, as he should. Add to that realistic sculpting and paint-ops and you've got a great addition to the ranks of your super-hero figs.

Where to Buy - 
As I said, Target seems to be the early bird here, but he's certain to be all over your discount and toy retailers before too long. I can't imagine he'll be too difficult to find.

Reviewer Addendum:
I was just a Target and they seemed to have the 13" movie Hulk in force. First off, the price is officially $9.99, a real bargain. Secondly, there are two different variants - the one which I reviewed, and a "raging" version. Essentially, identical to mine, but the head sculpt is angry, with the mouth open. Oh, and he comes with purple pants, as opposed to the blue ones mine came with. The difference is noted on the box, although it's not too obvious. I'd give both an equal review, with it being up to the purchaser to decide which one is better. I would've chosen the one I did regardless.

Figure from the collection of Robert the Red.

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