Resaurus' Pickups

The collecting of all kinds of 1/6th scale items has become more and more popular over the last year.  Lines from companies like 21st Century, Dragon, Blue Box and Sideshow, not to mention Hasbro and Mattel, are booming in the 12" market.

Resaurus took this one step further, producing a line of collectible guitars in a true 1/6th scale.  They signed license deals with Gibson and BC Rich, and produced a set of 10 electric and acoustic guitars.  These were available at Target predominately, but were available at a couple other places as well including Kaybee Toys.  Normal retail was $7.99, but right now these are on clearance at Kaybee Toy locations for $4.99.

Packaging - ***
The packaging is bright and attractive, and shows off the instruments well.  The other guitars are all pictured on the back, and the design of the box even evokes a feeling of a guitar.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Very nice work by Resaurus on the overall sculpting.  These really look and feel like guitars, not cheap plastic imitations.  A crucial element is the scale, and these are dead on.  These look terrific on just about any 12" figure.

Value - ***1/2
Eight bucks was too steep to buy an entire set of these, but at $5 they are a much better value.  Pick them up while you can - I suspect we won't see another series.

Quality - **1/2
Unfortunately, the quality doesn't quite live up to the sculpting and design.  The strings are not taught, and you have to be picky in choosing the one you buy.  Many have strings that are positioned improperly on the front and back bridges, and it's not just a simple misalignment.  Some of the silver coated plastic has imprefections as well.  It's not terrible by any means, but it's not quite as good as I'd hoped.

The plastic guitar stand is nice, and the electrics include a shoulder strap.  Unfortunately, the acoustics do not.  The should strap is pretty basic.

Overall - ***
What would have made this line better would have been a better selection of classic guitars up front.  While there are 10 in this first series, most are repaints of the same guitar - 2 J-45's, 3 Les Pauls, 2 Mockingbirds, 2 Warlocks...certainly Fender's would have been nice.

But the scale is terrific, and the price is right - these are certainly the best 1/6th scale guitars we've ever gotten, and they won't last long at sale price.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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