O.H.M.S.S. Bond/Blofeld

Today's guest review matches up with my own review over at Movie Poop Shoot - the new On Her Majesty's Secret Service Lazenby Bond and Blofeld.  Take it away, Mark!

This is Sideshow Toys' third James Bond in the Bond figure series and his most famous nemesis Ernst Blofeld. The first figure was the original (and best!) Bond, Sean Connery, which was previously reviewed at this site. The second Bond as portrayed by Pierce Brosnan was also reviewed at this site. This figure is James Bond as portrayed by George Lazenby in the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." Lazenby only appeared in this one Bond movie. Many dislike this movie and feel this was the worst of the Bond movies while others believe it was the most true to the Ian Fleming idea of Bond. His nemesis in this movie was Ernst Blofeld as portrayed by Telly Savalas. This role was on the heels of his famous role in "The Dirty Dozen" and led to a successful career in which he is probably best remembered as his role in "Kojak". Several other characters followed the Blofeld mold in future Bond movies, as well as other non-traditional characters like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series!!

Packaging - ***1/2
If you've ever read my reviews before, you know that boxes are nothing more than functional transportation vessels to me. I immediately rip them apart to get at the goodies inside. However, these boxes feature great graphics of the movie posters on the cover and photos from the movie and of the figures on the sides and back. The flap style box allows full viewing of the contents. For those collectors that like to keep the boxes, these figures and accessories are easily removed and could be easily returned (only three twist ties!) The Lazenby box is on the left and the Blofeld on the right.

Sculpting - Bond ****, Blofeld ***1/2
The head sculpts are great. Both have really nice likenesses of the actors. In my opinion, Sideshow is doing the finest sculpts in the industry today and these figures follow the trend. Oluf Hartvigson can take the credit for these great sculpts. There is no doubt of who these figures are supposed to be. I actually like the Blofeld sculpt better but gave it half a star less because it has a pretty noticeable mold mark, including a slight pinhead size divit, which runs across the top of his head from ear to ear. The bald head only highlights the defect. The sculpt is so nice that it overshadows the flaw and saved the rating.

Paint - Bond ***, Blofeld ****
The heads are the only things that are really painted. Sideshow did an overall nice job on the heads. The Blofeld head is very neat with excellent shading. The Bond head also has nice crisp edges but the shading is off. Wrinkles on his forehead aren't blended and appear like lines and the eyebrows are a bit sloppy.

Articulation - ***1/2
Sideshow has articulation that is comparable to the other top figures on the market. The Bond figure has molded black gloves for hands. Overall they are very poseable yet stable figures….Another thing I noticed but is not a gig on the figures is that almost all of the Sideshow figures I have purchased were misaligned in the boxes. What I mean is the joints on the arms and legs are never facing forward and need adjustment as soon as they are out the box. I don't know if it's just because of the speed of the assembly line or what. Again, it's not a gig, but just something that makes you go hmmmmmmmm.

Outfits - ***
The Bond figure is dressed in a blue "snow suit". It's actually a thin hooded jacket and pants made out of thin parachute type nylon. It's nicely put together and could have gotten a better score if they'd have simply made it a realistic padded suit. He also has socks, a t-shirt and some pretty non-descript boots. Again he features molded gloves but they are in decent pose for gripping his weapons.

Blofeld is wearing a brown "tunic" and what are is a cross between a mounted cavalry officer's riding pants and lederhosen. He also has calf high brown socks and very plain and ugly boots. As nice of detail is on the rest of the figures and overall on the clothes, these boots kinda stink.

Accessories - Bond **1/2, Blofeld ***
Bond comes with his standard issue PPK pistol but no where to put it! He's also equipped with an Armalite machine gun with a folding stock and removable magazine. It is decently detailed but very fragile. He's kind of light on accessories.

Blofeld is a little more equipped He comes with a decent pair of binoculars and a belt mounted binocular case, two grenades, a .45 pistol and holster and a flare gun that he uses to cause avalanches to chase Bond. OK stuff but nothing exceptional. He also comes with a nicely detailed pair of goggles.

Play Value - **1/2
I always rank the figures on this category because after all, it is supposed to be a toy. These figures are more suited to striking poses on a collector's shelf than they are riding an avalanche down a back yard log pile in a child's adventure. The Sideshow figures are overall pretty sturdy, especially when compared to some of the other high-end figures but they are obviously meant to be displayed and not played with.

Value - ***
I got them on line for $25 from an online 1/6 scale enthusiast who isn't a big toy dealer but just a "good Joe" who does some bulk buying and shares the wealth with other enthusiasts. Rob has a few more 1/6 figures (Sideshow and others!) available and can be contacted at At this price these guys were a great buy. Most online dealers are selling them in the $35 range, which is also a pretty good buy.

Overall - ***1/2
These figures are a great addition to my collection. I am a huge Bond fan and will probably be getting several figures in this line. Sideshow will soon be releasing Bond figures of Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, both of which I intend to buy.  Sideshow also has several enemy figures planned including the top hat throwing "Oddjob". Now I just need to decide if old Telly stays in character as Blofeld or if I put him in a 70's leisure suit and kitbash him out as Theo Kojak…"Who loves ya baby."

Where to Buy - 
Sideshow is selling them direct, and many sixth scale retailers will be carrying them.  I'm betting they turn up at specialty stores like Media Play as well.  On-line:!

- Sideshow Toy has them available direct for $40 each.

- Aisle Sniper usually has the Bond figures available for $32 each plus shipping, but you should call to see if they have them in.

- Big Bad Toy Store had a great price at $60 for the pair, with a flat $5 shipping.

- Entertainment Earth has each available for $38 plus shipping each.

About the reviewer:
Mark D is an avid action figure collector old enough to have gotten vintage GI Joes for Christmas as a kid, but still young enough to play with his toys. He collects mostly vintage AT GI Joe stuff but still likes to grab the cool stuff that comes out now, especially law enforcement figures and accessories. He's been a regular at The Sandbox ( since he first came on line about five years ago. He's always looking to swap with other Joe-head and assist them in finding the hard to find stuff. You can contact him at or visit his site at

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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