Quick Animated Heroes

Fans of the animated super hero shows - STAS, BTAS, JLA - were thrilled to learn that a fast food joint was producing a series of 10 articulated, full size action figures based on their favorite characters.

Unfortunately for us Yanks, the fast food chain was Quick, a McDonald's rip off in several European countries.  The set of ten includes Batman, Superman, Robin, Batgirl, Flash, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin and Joker.  Of the 10, 7 are based on the Batman universe.

These are tall - at the very bottom of the page I have a picture showing a DC Direct Martian Manhunter and DC 9" Martian Manhunter with Batman and Superman for scale.  I knew they were big from the descriptions, but until you have them in your hands it's hard to understand.  I've never seen any sort of fast food premium in this size.

Sculpting - **1/2
While these might look exciting, don't get confused - they are foreign kids meal toys.  Don't expect McFarlanesque work here.

That being said, some of the sculpts are better than others.  Superman is the worst, and he simply doesn't look like the animated character.

The only other head sculpt that I have serious problems with is the Joker.  His hair is bizarrely shaped, but overall the rest of the head sculpts are good.

Unfortunately, the leg sculpts (or construction) on these is awful.  Ignoring the Penguin, who doesn't have any leg articulation, the other 9 all have trouble with the shape and style of their legs.  Most are far too close together, making such top heavy figures almost impossible to keep standing.  You have no idea how much work it took just to get the group shot at the end of the review.

At least Wonder Woman has her legs spaced a little.  Figures like Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl have their legs right next to each other, and even Batman and Superman have problems.

The worst is the Joker in my set, who may have two of the same lower legs causing his oddly deformed stance.

Paint - **
The paint ops on these is fairly sloppy.  The paint work on the animated style isn't particularly detailed, so that's no excuse.  Most of the chest emblems ahd hair lines have bleeding from one color to the other, or they've been painted outside the lines.

Robin has one rather unique situation.  His cape had a piece of plastic covering the black back, and when I removed it, the cape was sticky and tacky.  I'm not sure why that is, and if it will stay that way, but it's worth noting.

With a little better quality paint ops, these figures would have really been nice.

Accessories - Bupkis
As kids meal toys you probably don't expect them, but I can't leave out the category in all fairness.

At least WW and Penguin have their lasso and umbrella, respectively, molded to their hands.

Articulation - ***1/2
Don't let the score here fool you completely.  Yes, they have more points of articulation than 90% of the Hasbro versions, with neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles on most.

A couple have less - Penguin only has neck, shoulders and waist, and some of the ladies have waist articulation and no elbow - but overall there's quite a few points on these figures.

The joints don't work particularly well though.  The ankles tend to be weak, exaggerating the problem with standing on their own, and the elbows, knees, neck and hips have very limited range of motion.

The score is as high as it is because these are kids meal toys - you really don't expect this level of articulation in this type of toy.

Value - **
I paid ten bucks a piece for these, or $100 for the set from a French dealer.  That's not a terrible deal, although these figures are really worth about $3 each in all reality.

Overall - **1/2
These figures probably only deserve **, but they get an extra half star because they are simply so unique.  If we got something like this here, for the usual $1-$2 a figure at McDonald's, they would be kicking, but at the extra expense to get these from overseas, they become less attractive.

However, if you're a big fan of any one of these characters, or the animated shows, you should consider keeping an eye out for a good deal.  These are marked on the back with the Quick logo, so I'm betting these won't be the JLA premium that Subway will be carrying in the States later this year.

Where to Buy
The only place to find these is in person in a Quick restaurant in Europe, through a kind European friend, or from a dealer on ebay.

I don't mind paying the hundred bucks for the full set, but that's pretty much the max you should pay.  Try to get a full set at a good price if you can, as several of the female figures are commanding higher prices individually.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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