General Rieekan

Tonight's a double whammy from Coheteboy, who reviews both the Urban Legends set, and the new deluxe General Rieekan from Hasbro.  Take it away!

A lot of non-collecting Star Wars fans scoff at the idea that there are a ton of toys made based entirely on characters who appear on screen for a fraction of a second. So it must be quite liberating to finally show them a figure of a character that does indeed have some dialogue in the movies. Yes, folks, this is the very first toy EVER of General Carlist Rieekan played by Bruce Boa and as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. 

Rieekan is part of the new "ULTRA" assortment of Star Wars products that replaces the poorly planned "DELUXE" figures. The rest of the ULTRA assortment includes a repainted C-3PO with Escape Pod and a resculpted WAMPA. This new assortment shows a lot of promise though Rieekan himself appears to be only a "Power of the Force 2" figure in a "SAGA" sculpted disguise. 

Packaging - ***1/2
If you visit your local retailer and don't happen to see the wall of Ultra figures, then you must be blind, for this isn't your standard DELUXE figure anymore. Gone are the flimsy card backs of old, as we are introduced to a new heavier cardstock that is proportional to the bubble. Just imagine a regular single-pack figure but larger, and that's basically what the Ultra assortment is like. The card is HUGE. This is a step in the right direction, though I don't think the cards needed to be THAT big. Quite nice though.

The design of the gold stripe Saga packaging is one of my favorites actually, with the name of the film title printed clearly along the side. A small insert shows the figure with a photo still from the film. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you remember the earlier days of collecting and picking up a wonderfully sculpted Grand Moff Tarkin figure, that same feeling may return again when picking up General Rieekan. It truly is a fantastic sculpt, especially since scanning technology couldn't have been achieved with a character such as this. His face sculpt shows determination while quite worried at the same time. The rest of the costume/uniform is all unique here and is job well done. Couldn't ask for anything more of this sculpt. 

Paint - ***1/2
This really is a great paint job for a Star Wars figure. But there really aren't enough details to warrant a perfect score. There are absolutely no errors that I am able to see and everything is done perfectly. From the boots to his rank, Hasbro did a spot on job with Rieekan. The tactical display map accessory also sports some nice paint details.

Articulation - **
Booo!! After all the advancements in articulation technology, Rieekan gets the shaft. It's 1995 all over again as the poor Echo Base General has only six points of articulation. No, that can't be right can it? In fact, Rieekan got demoted to receive only FIVE POINTS OF ARTICULATION. And this poor guy actually had dialogue, HASBRO! BOOOOOOO!!!!! 

Five points: neck, arms, legs, and... whoops, nothing else. 

It would have been great if Rieekan was given some cut elbows or wrists at least, but no such luck. Most unfortunate.

Accessories - **
Wait a second... I thought General Rieekan was an ULTRA figure? Which should mean that he gets more than one accessory or at least a really big one right? Let's back up for a second. The Wampa was a large size figure with over six points of articulation and he came with food AND a base. C-3PO was a normal figure with an ESCAPE POD! Rieekan gets a..... :::insert drumroll::: TACTICAL DISPLAY MAP!!! YAAAAY!!! 

I don't believe it. First, Rieekan gets the shaft in articulation, but he really doesn't get anything cool to hold on to either! This is clearly a normal figure put into larger packaging to sell at a higher price point. But... in Hasbro's defense, it's a very COOL tactical display map. 

Value - **1/2
Hmm... I don't feel so great about paying $10.99 for this figure anymore. There's plenty of regular figures that cost 50% less and you get a whole lot more! Heck, that one Obi-Wan figure comes with his own piece of bar and some booze (and so does that random Sleazebaggano figure for that matter). There really should be a lot more to this set. Give him a gun, or an exchangeable hand so he's not always pointing. SOMETHING! This isn't worth the price sad to say.

Overall - ***
As disappointing as Rieekan is as an ULTRA figure, this would have been a pretty rad basic figure. And though he lacks a few points of articulation and some extra accessories, a great sculpt does make up for it. We are, after all, finally adding a General to our Hoth ranks (General Veers needed someone to go against). For you carded collectors, it looks great. And for you openers, well... he looks good standing there too! Just make sure you give him something to point at. 

Where to Buy:
Find it at Toys'R'Us. Find it at Target or at Wal-Mart. You won't however find it sold out! BA-ZING!

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