Bela Lugosi as The Gypsy

Everyone remembers Lon Chaney Jr's great performance in the Wolfman, but what about Bela Lugosi?  He played the Gypsy figure who bite poor Larry Talbot and turned him into the hairy beast.

This is the third figure from this movie that Sideshow has produced.  First there was the Wolfman of course, then Larry Talbot.  Now the Gypsy pretty much covers all the possible characters from the film.

The Gypsy is another limited edition, and the suggested retail is $40, although you should be able to find an on-line retailer selling it for less.

Packaging - ****
Sideshow has done another terrific job with the box art, text and picture selection for this package.

There is a slight change on this figure.  The plastic leg band is not included, because the knee high boots would be in the way.  But the ankles have twisty ties this time.  However, Sideshow has gone one step further and painted these twisties to match the color of his boots, so that you won't even notice them if you keep the figure MIB.

As usual, the packaging is fairly collector friendly, allowing you to remove the figure and return it if you would like.

Sculpting - ****
Another great Mat Falls job.  Check out the picture of the Gypsy on the package and compare it to the figure, and you'll see what a great job he did.

Fans of Bela Lugosi should be pleased, as this figure ranks right up there with the Murder Legendre figure for sculpting accuracy. 

The figure also has a ring sculpted on his hand, although I don't know the film well enough to confirm its accuracy.

Paint - ****
The paint ops on my figure are excellent.  The highlights in the hair works well, and the facial tones are nicely done. 

There's no slop around the lines between the various colors, but the eyes do seem slightly off on mine.  It's not enough to take off from the score, but I want to mention it in case you have a choice of several figures.  You'll want to look carefully at the eyes to make sure you get the best one.

Articulation - ***1/2
This is the same terrific body that Sideshow has used for quite some time.  It is improved with tightened joints, and I had no trouble getting the figure to hold lots of poses.  He also had no trouble standing on his own.

The only flaw here is that the hips don't work well visually with a figure like this.  You'll notice that the tops of his thighs look a bit odd in the pants.  Most of the figures have jackets or capes that make this unnoticeable, but with this figure it stands out a bit too much.

Accessories - ***1/2
There's only two really, so I can't quite give them a perfect score.  I would have like to see a couple more items.

But what they did give us is far better out of the package than you realize when you first look at them in the box.  I assumed it was three fake decks of Tarot cards, perhaps plastic.  I was wrong.

Instead, it's a complete deck of paper Tarot cards, with every card having a different printed face.  Very nice work!

There's also a great pipe, well sculpted, that fits in his hand and that he can hold in appropriate poses.

Outfit - ****
I have given Sideshow a hassle in the past about some of the costumes.  While their sculpting and articulation have been top notch, there have been times when they've cut corners on the costume.

Not this time though.  The entire outfit is true to the film, and very well made.  There's a lot of detail, and the boots are nicely done.

Value - ***
This depends of course on where you pick him up.  At $40, the price I paid, he's not a perfect value.  Yes, the sculpt is great, the outfit excellent, but comparing them to the rest of the market really sets these in the $25-$30 range.  You can get them for that price though if you look hard enough on the web.

Overall - ***1/2
Almost as nice as the Murder Legendre figure, but not quite.  Another accessory would have put it over the top.  But it's a must buy for the Universal Monsters fans, or the Bela Lugosi fans.

Where to Buy
I don't know if any bricks and mortar stores will be carrying these, but there are plenty of on-line options:

- Sideshow themselves of course.  Retail is $40 plus shipping.

TNC Universe usually has a good price, although you'll have to call since they don't have the price on this one listed yet on the web site.

- Entertainment Earth has him listed at $35 plus shipping, but it still says 'coming soon'. (MROTW affiliate)

- Amok Time has him listed for $35 plus shipping too, and it appears he's in stock.

- War Toys have other Sideshow stuff very cheap, like Larry Talbot for $20, or many others at $25.  They don't have this one listed yet, but it might be worth a call.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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