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Adam is here again with another terrific Stikfas review - it's all yours!

If you havenít read either of my first two guest reviews here, allow me to introduce you to the Stikfas line. Stikfas are 3 inch highly poseable and extremely customizable ďAction Figure KitsĒ, meaning they have to be assembled. The AFK Iíll be reviewing today is the Omega Male Military kit.

The Omega Male Military figure (AFK #13) comes back to where Stikfas started. The first 3 Hasbro AFKís were Military, as were the original ones that were sold only on The difference here is the weapons and the Omega sized body, which is slightly larger than the Alpha one.

Packaging - ***1/2
I really do like this packaging, even if some might find it a bit bland with all the white space. The front displays a 3D rendering of the completed figure, the back showing you exactly whatís inside, as well as some ideas for posing and decorating your figure, and a list of what all is inside. Iíve seen complaints from people saying that they figured for the price, they would be getting enough pieces for more than one figure, but it clearly states on the box that thereís only one inside. As Iíve mentioned before, I also like the re-sealable plastic bag that the pieces come in, which is handy if you donít want to keep all the boxes (though I keep most of mine, and have them on display).

Sculpting - *
Thereís not a whole lot of detail on Stikfas. When you first assemble it, it resembles a human form, but thatís about all. The reason for this is selling point #1 of Stikfas, how customizable they are. 

Paint - N/A
Interesting note about the Omega Male Military figure, it was supposed to be the first painted Stikfas figure (done entirely in Camo). According to, the team felt that they simply couldnít implement it without disappointing customers (probably because paint would come off when you took it off the plastic frames and such). So, they decided to just use green plastic.

Articulation - ****
Selling point #2 of Stikfas: poseability. This figure, like every Stikfas figure aside from the G2 Monk, has 14 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees, and ankles). This along with their light weight lets you pose them in all sorts of ways. 

Accessories - ****
Oh baby, where do I begin!? Since the Omega body type is bigger than the Alpha body type, the Stikfas guys decided that it should come with bigger weapons too, and these are some nice ones. An assault rifle, a knife that can either be held or attached to the leg, two Rocket launchers (one shoulder mounted, one that sits on the ground), a flamethrower pack with gun (but no line to connect the two) a big ass gun that can either be mounted on a tripod (which is also included) or held, and my favorite, the always destructive Minigun. 

Non-weapon accessories include binoculars, a radio backpack, a helmet, goggles, and various pockets, as well as a couple other pieces that Iím not sure what they are. Never mind what I said in my review of the Monk, this kit has the best accessories of any Stikfas AFK yet (in my opinion anyway, you may prefer a bladed weapon to one that spews bullets out faster than SpikeTV spews out crappy new shows, but to each their own). Like the other kits, this one also comes with assembly instructions, two collectable post cards, and a STIKer sheet (Decals, because your Stikfas canít see without sticker eyes.)

Assembly - ***
Stikfas require assembly. This is enough to turn off some collectors, as they appear to be more model than toy. You donít really need any tools to assemble them, I use my hands to take the pieces off the frame, then a pair of pliers to try and twist off the excess plastic (though no matter what, youíre going to have those little plastic nubs that perfectionists will want to file or sand off). The parts all snap together as ball joints, and the instructions clearly show how your figure should be put together. Once youíve put together a couple, It only takes about 5 Ė 10 minutes to make the actual figure, which is about as much time as youíd spend taking the twist ties off figures (one or two will do, Iím taking to you McFarlane!).

Value - **
For a 3 inch figure, Stikfas are expensive. Itís unfortunate that they arenít cheaper, but Hasbro is such a small, poor company, andÖ oh, thatís right they made billions in the 80ís from us with GI whatever and Trans-something or other. But never the less, Iím giving this AFK 2 stars because of the Omega body (itís slightly bigger than the Alpha figures), and the very cool weapons (the same reason I gave the monk a 2 instead of a 1 or 1 and a half).

Overall - ***1/2
I would say that this is my favorite Stikfas AFK so far, and a very cool toy overall. The Samurai and Knight have some nice weaponry, and the extra articulation on the Monk really does help, but this is a big kick ass army guy with a cache of weapons that makes the original Military figure look like a boy scout, which is why Iím giving it three and a half where I gave the Monk and Biker a three.

While Iím at it, Iíd like to point out that if you were looking to get into the line, most online stores that do carry the Stikfas line, as well as the comic shops Iíve seen them at, carry most of if not all of the kits, including the very first Military ones. So if you think you might be too late to get into the line, you should have no problem getting the entire back catalog. I donít know why, perhaps because these stores look at them more like models than like toys (and Iím sure model hobbyists would be angry if they couldnít get, for example, a model corvette or something, because it was released 2 or 3 years ago), or maybe itís just because Hasbro keeps them in production (I donít imagine itís too hard or expensive to pump these things out of a machine). At any rate, this makes it a very collector friendly line (even though it seems to be a line geared more towards hobbyists than collectors). And no, Iím not a Hasbro sales rep (but Iíll entertain offers).

Where to Buy:
Not all comic shops carry Stikfas, however I wouldnít be surprised if some model shops have started carrying them. Also Toys R Us in the states has them (from what Iíve heard), and most likely at a comparably decent price. Online Iíve seen them at the following places:

Entertainment Earth has this kit for $9.99 US.

Also, is selling Alpha Male frames for $4.50 US ($5.70 with shipping) a piece, no accessories. The catch is that you have to buy a case (20 of them) at $90 US (plus $22 shipping to the US/Canada, as theyíre coming direct from Singapore). Just wait for the popup when you go to the site and itíll have a link to the Stikfas online store.

Figures from the collection of Adam B.

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