Don Voyaggio

King Randor returns tonight with a review of a rather unusual figure - Don Voyaggio!  Tell us all about, King!

While at St. Mark’s Comics at the East Village in NYC, recently, I came across Bleeding Edge’s Tub-Tastrophe toys. Now, I’d seen the ad for these pieces, before, in my ToyFare magazine, and I’d thought they looked pretty interesting, but this was the first time I’d ever actually SEEN them around. For me, one stood out above all of them, and I just HAD to pick it up: Don Voyaggio.

Packaging - *1/2
Well, it serves it’s purpose, but there’s just something about it…I dunno…it just doesn’t catch the eye very well. It’s one of those situations where if ya see it, then ya notice all the others. Otherwise, you’ll miss ‘em entirely. Truthfully, I don’t really know what more COULD be done with the packaging to make it stand out, but at the same time it’s just not very creative or eye-catching. A blister-card, to me, was just a VERY poor choice for packaging. I know it’s a very light piece, but I still think it should’ve come boxed- it probably would’ve stood out a lot better, and they probably could’ve done something more for the artwork.

Sculpting - ****
I bet ya didn’t see THAT coming, now DID ya? That’s right- the sculpting BLEW ME AWAY. The piece just looks PERFECT. Trust me when I say, for a TUB TOY, you don’t expect this level of sculpting detail. One thing that perplexes me about this piece- maybe it’s just me, but I could swear that Don Voyaggio shares a resemblance to the late, great, Rodney Dangerfield. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Paint -***1/2
THIS was what pretty much pulled me in to my decision to write this review. The more I stared at this thing, later that night after purchasing it, the more I was blown away by the amazing level of paint detail put into this! For the most part, the smallest details were painted perfectly. Sadly, the back of his head I can’t say the same for, which is why I took off half a star( minor paint bleed), but otherwise, this piece has a mind-blowing paint job. The paint wash on his face bothered me at first, but then I remembered- the guy’s supposed to be already that bluish gray paint wash actually looks perfect on his face…the perfect post-mortem look. Folks, I’ll say it again- this is a BATH TOY!

Accessories - **
Truthfully, I didn’t really see much of a point TO accompanying this piece with an accessory, but apparently Bleeding Edge thought differently. It’s a Certificate of Death- it gives his name, sex, place of death, DOB, cause of death, etc. I’m actually conflicted on this. Part of me thinks “ok, it gives the buyer a little more insight onto the character being purchased”. On the flip side, I’m also thinking “aw, c’mon, give me a break- IT’S A TUB TOY- A TUB TOY FOR VERY DISTURBED PEOPLE, LIKE MYSELF! WHO THE %$# CARES?!”

Value - **
Ok, here’s the situation- I paid $14.99 for it. Yeah, yeah…laugh it up. Personally, I didn’t mind spending the extra dinero- I’ve been saving some cash in my checking account for a while, so I had the extra dough to fork over for it. Another thing to consider is that these pieces most likely have an EXTREMELY limited release, being the….um…well…unique and VERY different type of piece for this market that it happens to be. Like I said, this WAS the VERY FIRST TIME, EVER, that I’ve seen this thing, so I doubt many retailers picked it up, and as you know that DOES drive the cost up a LOT. However, $15 is THE most I’d pay for this thing- not a penny more, and ONLY if I had LOTS of extra wampum to blow, which I did( and as of this writing, coincidentally still do- DON’T get any ideas, y’ hear? ;D). Truthfully, naturally, had it been knocked down about $5, this would’ve seemed so much more naturally worth it- and chances are I wouldn’t have been standing at the same spot for about 20 seconds in that comic shop debating over whether or not to actually BUY this piece. My dream price for this piece would have been $7.99- IMO, would’ve been perfect. I know I’m asking a lot, but that’s just me. Yeah yeah, laugh it up, laugh it up…I know, I know…I paid $15 for a tub toy…yeah yeah yeah….

Overall - ***
It JUST made it to three stars, overall. Again, while the price point WAS a lot to ask, the concept for this was pretty interesting, and Bleeding Edge, I thought, pulled it off quite well. And hell, for a tub toy, this is simply amazing. Plus, if you’re as sick and disturbed as I am in the head, you’ll love the concept even more. Do I plan on buying the others? I MIGHT get one more of ‘em, but that’s a MAYBE. And hell, I got THIS one, and am overall content with it, so we shall see, but they’re definitely worth checkin’ out, should you come across ‘em anytime soon. And no, I don’t plan on taking a bath with this anytime soon, so don’t ask. ‘:B-)

I’ve also read, recently, that Bleeding Edge said that if they want to continue on, they’ve got to snag some good licenses- well, from what I’ve seen of THIS piece, they can pull off some good stuff. If they can do this, then let’s see what they can do with some good licenses. :D

I also have a major tip for Bleeding Edge- guys, seriously, WORK ON YOUR PACKAGING, and the art for it.

Packaging - *1/2
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Accessories - **
Value - **
Overall - ***

Where to Buy: 
Once again, I paid $14.99 for mine at St. Mark’s Comics, in NYC. I had to go to Bleeding Edge’s website to find other retailers that carry them. Tower Records supposedly does, but I found nothing on them at their website. I’m not gonna lie when I say this- these ARE tough to find. It might also be worth it to check eBay, as well.

Figure from the collection of King Randor.

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