Six Gun Legends Series 1


I grew up on westerns, and western action figures.  I love western action figures.  I run the largest archive of western figures on the web, the appropriately named Western Action Figure Archive.

So if you think I can be completely objective on Sideshow's latest release, the first series of Six Gun Legends, you're wrong.  As much as I'd like to be, I have to be completely honest and say that I've been drooling in anticipation for these for months now.

The first series consists of Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp.  There's a second series planned for a March/ April release of Custer and Crazy Horse.   

Packaging - ****
I had some problems with the packaging this time.  These damn twisty ties get on my nerves at times, and this time the tie around Billy's neck and shoulders had gotten wedged down in the neck joint, making it very difficult to take off.

But I gave them four stars - what's up?  It's simple.  These boxes are the most visually appealing they've produced so far.  The front flap graphics are stunning, and varies for each character, showing their face in the top corner.

The inside flap has a nice background on each character, with a good explanation of the outfits and accessories.  If they do this nice of a job every time with the graphics and text, I can overlook the damn twisties.  At least today.

Sculpting - ****
These sculpts are based on period photos, so naturally there has to be some level of interpretation.  Old tin types don't have the greatest detail.

But Mat Falls has done another great job.  Both sculpts highlight the facial features that are particular to these men - the thin nose and thin face of Bonney, the strong jaw line and piercing stare of Earp.  These are great looking figures, and they'll scare the hell out of the others on the shelf.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops aren't quite as nice as the sculpts, but they are still very good.

My eyes on Billy are a little off, hurting his stare a bit.  His face wash also is a little heavy, giving his skin greater variation than it should have.

The coloring on Earp's hair and beard is darker and more uniform than in the early pictures, where it appeared to have some highlights.  I prefer the highlights, particularly since he looks to be in his 40's.

But if you're careful when you pick yours out, you should be able to find one that will make you happy.

Clothing - ***1/2
These outfits are almost perfect.  There are no short cuts here, and the quality of the material and stitching is excellent.

Billy has a complete outfit, with great knee high boots, pants, red bib front shirt, vest, sweater, hat, and neckerchief.

All of the clothing is great, with little buttons, solid snaps, and accurate styling.  This outfit is based on the infamous photo of Billy the Kid, the only known positive photo.  The design on the shirt isn't clear in the photo, so the design they used is a best guess on what can be seen.

Wyatt Earp comes with a frock cut, shirt and excellent vest (not one piece but two this time!), pants, and short dress boots.  And let's not forget the hat!

Yes, the hats - remember those Yamato western figures and the awful floppy hats?  Sideshow proves you can do a fantastic hat.  These are sculpted hats, with a fuzzy material applied over it.  They fit great, and look absolutely perfect.

A couple other notes on Wyatt - the vest has a nice silk front, with a metal watch chain attached to the pocket.  There is one oddity though.  He has no socks.  Considering how many other figures have had socks, and that with his short boots it is possible to see his ankles, I'm surprised they skipped them.

Accessories - ****
Both figures are well outfitted with new accessories.  Both come with similar gun belts and 'slim jim' holsters.  These holsters are designed to ride very high on the hips, so some folks may not like them as much, but they are relatively accurate, especially for Billy the Kid.

Wyatt Earp also has a 10 gauge double barrel shotgun (good if you have a custom Doc Holliday), a Colt Army Revolver (in his right hand in the photo) and a 'confiscated' S&W Scofield revolver.  Tombstone outlawed weapons in town, and confiscated them. The sculpting on the weapons is excellent, with great paint washes to make them all the more realistic.

William Bonney has three weapons - a Colt revolver, Winchester lever action rifle, and standard 'range' knife.  The knife fits into a scabbard (although very tightly) on the belt.  The loop for the scabbard though is one of the cheaper items, made of pleather.

The small Colt 'Lightening' revolver that Billy is carrying is a great looking little gun, and is one that you won't see very often.  The only moving parts on the weapons is the lever on the Winchester rifle, and the shotgun breaks down.

Both figures also come with an extra hand to hold the rifle correctly.  Unfortunately, it's very hard to pop the hands on and off, and you should be extremely careful when doing so.

Articulation:  ****
I think Sideshow has the best 12" body out right now.  It's certainly as good as Dragon and bbi, the two other contenders for the top spot.

With articulation everywhere, and some really innovative wrist joints, you can put these guys in just about any pose.  You can see I played around with them a bit, and I had no trouble with loose hips, knees or ankles.  They stand on their own just fine. 

Value - ***
These figures are $35 each through the Sideshow site, slightly lower than most of the other recent releases, and certainly lower than series 2 which will be $40 each.

I'm also sure you can get them for under $25 if you look around (I have some suggestions at the end), and at that price they are an excellent value.  At $25, they got to ***1/2, and at $20 they go to ****.

Overall - ****
I love these figures, and I can't wait to get series 2.  But I'm biased, since I love the figures and really appreciate the accuracy and detail.

Even if you aren't a huge gunfighter fan though, most sixth scale collectors will still love these figures.  While they aren't perfect - nothing is - they are extremely well done, and look stunning on the shelf.  I simply can't say enough good about them!

Where to Buy -
I doubt you'll see these at too many bricks and mortar stores, but on-line you have some great options:

- Sideshow has them in stock of course, for $70 for the set.

- Sgt Rocks (ran by Rocky Larson, a great guy) has them for $25 each, and that includes shipping!

- Atlantic Toys has them for $25 each, or $45 for the set plus shipping.

- Entertainment Earth has them for $50 for the pair as well, plus shipping.  (MROTW Affiliate)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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