General Pershing

Tonight Werbal_Kint provides the text and Hiroxian the photos for a great guest review of the Sideshow Pershing figure.  It's all yours, guys!

Sideshow Toy receives a great deal of praise for their licensed lines such as James Bond and the Modern Horror Classics, but their superb historical lines are often overlooked. Bayonets and Barbed Wire is a personal favorite of mine due to their expertly crafted outfits and variety of offerings.

The latest three figures are members of the United States Army Expeditionary Force. While the U.S. didn't enter the war until 1917, it was nonetheless crucial in aiding the Allies to defeat the Central Powers sooner than they would have. Today I review what is probably the first figure of the leader of the AEF and one of America's most famous military commanders, General John Joseph Pershing.

Packaging - ****
What's wrong with this packaging? Nothing. Great graphics, huge bio on Pershing, AND completely collector friendly. Sideshow always does great packaging and this is no exception. I was pleased to see they kept the gatefold packaging for such a low-run figure, since I think they dropped it for new Platoon figures.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The head sculpt is fantastic, full of subtle facial wrinkles and details that give the face a lot of character. It looks very much like Pershing, but the chin is probably a little bigger than it needs to be. Still, his determined expression works wonderfully, and he does look pretty close to the real man.

Pershing also has newly sculpted gloved hands. They look great and hold the few accessories he comes with.

Finally, the hat is perfect. Fits great, looks great, no problems. Sideshow does awesome work on their hats.

Paint - ***1/2
The only real amount of paint is on the face. The skin hue is beautiful and looks 100% realistic. The skin has a lot of color to it, but it's not overdone, and they avoided the sunburned look of their Stonewall Jackson figure. The highlights in the hair and moustache look very good too.

There's a little bleed between the hairline and the skin, but nothing very much at all, and the paint on the hair is a little thick, but nothing that ruins the overall job.

Articulation - ****
Standard, well-made Sideshow body. Tight joints, good range of movement... nothing out of the ordinary, but still great. Additionally, the new gloved hands do not interfere with the wrist articulation.

Outfit- **** 
Leapin' lizards! Can I give five stars? This is easily one of the best outfits I've EVER seen on a sixth-scale figure.

The outfit consists of boots, "puffy" riding pants, officer's tunic, and a Sam Brown belt. The craft and material of each piece is spectacular. The boots look like real leather with very subtle weathering. The pants are made of a corduroy like material and they look absolutely superb. The tunic is made well also, but its greatness lies in the details.

The buttons on the tunic have visible rivets on them, the collar has wonderfully sculpted tiny eagle "coat-of-arms" and the shoulders have tiny sculpted four-star rank insignias. The medals do look a little funny, but they are always hard to pull off on such a small scale. All in all excellent and above-average.

Accessories - **
Ah, the accessories; the bane of Sideshow toys. The figure comes with only four; a riding crop, a map and map case (both reuses from the Red Baron), and a stand. The riding crop is nicely sculpted and painted, and its softer plastic means it's not likely to accidentally break. I'm disappointed at the reuse of the map and map case, but I'm thrilled at the inclusion of the stand. He doesn't need it, but he looks extra sharp with it and it's something I've been asking Sideshow to do for a long time. Hopefully it'll become standard.

Value - ***
Hmmm. Pershing is 50 dollars at Sideshow, which isn't exactly cheap, but he's limited to just 500 figures, one of their lowest figure runs ever.

I personally have no problem paying 50 for it. It's not spectacular, but it is fair for a figure so wonderful and so limited. Then again, I live for the Bayonets and Barbed Wire, so 50 bones may not seem like as great of a deal to the casual collectors.

Despite my bias, I don't think 50 is too far off of a good price.

Overall - ***1/2
Had he come with more accessories or been a little cheaper, this would be a four star figure all the way. This figure is highly recommended for military collectors, and a must have for fans of Sideshow's historical lines.

Where to Buy:
Finding Sideshow figures in bricks and mortar stores is a tad tough these days. Online options include:

- Sideshow has already sold out.  This was a web exclusive, so finding retailers other than Ebay is tough.

Figures from the collection of Werbal_Kint.
Photos by Hiroxian.

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