Cabin Control Nemo

Mezco has been doing some interesting things this year, much of it out of the ordinary.  Their big hit, Living Dead Dolls, certainly aren't main stream, and some of their license choices seem, well odd.

I think the Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) license falls into that category.  Of course, this isn't the Nemo you once new.  Mezco has updated him for the new millennium.  But on the surface, it still seemed like a weird idea to me.

I must admit, this baby did look good on the shelves, but at $25 I still couldn't convince myself I watned a Nemo around the house.  But this week I came upon it on sale at my local Electronics Boutique for the simply-can't-pass-it-up price of ten bucks.

Packaging - ***1/2
Well, forget all about collector friendly.  You'll tear this packaging up getting the figure out.

But the look of this is simply gorgeous.  Mezco did a terrific job showing you lots of accessories and possibilities, even though the playset isn't put together in side.  The style and design give you the feel of a sub and water.

It's a big package though, so that might have caused some problems at the retailer.  Shelf space is mighty expensive.

Sculpting - ****
When there's no source material to work from, it's easy to say it's great sculpting.  Who knows what it should really look like?

But this is unconditionally excellent work.  The sculpting on Nemo himself is wonderful, and every accessory and part of the playset is carefully detailed and crafted.  The work that went into this set is truly impressive.

Paint - ****
Again, Mezco comes through with fantastic attention to detail.  All the paint ops compliment the sculpts, and the playset looks like the inside of a sub.  Nothing is cheesy or poorly painted, and although no wild or bright colors are used, there's plenty of color variance here to give the set visual excitement.

Articulation - ***1/2
The dear Captain has articulation at the neck, shoulders, cut biceps, elbows, hips, knees, waist, biceps, cut thighs, and wrists.  This is excellent for a figure in this scale.

Not only does he have a lot of points, they are all fairly useful.  Most have decent range of motion, and he stands quite well on his own, holding a variety of accessories in different poses.

Accessories - ****
Wow!  Obviously the playset is excellent, with great detail, excellent sculpting, and great colors.  But check out all the gear!

There's two swords, both with sheaths that strap to his back.  There's various decorative items that look perfect on your average madman's submarine.  There's also useful items like a sectent, maps, spyglass, cup, pipes, books, chest, etc. etc. etc.

The accessories with this figure are some of the coolest I've ever seen, and I'm really amazed by the quality of this set.

Value - ***1/2
This depends on your price, of course.  At ten bucks, this thing was a four star buy.  At $25, it's only about three stars, but at the average price of $20 (which is what TRU is selling them for) it's about three and a half.

Overall - ****
This license is completely uninteresting to me. And yet, I'm giving this set my highest four star rating.  Why?  Because Mezco hit a home run completely out of the park with this set.

I'm hoping we see some exciting licenses out this company next year, because this set shows what an excellent job Mezco can do.  It's imaginative, it's creative, and it shows what they are capable of.  I'd love to see this focused on a really cool license. 

Where to Buy
As I said, I picked this up at Electronics Boutique at the local mall for just ten bucks.  I just saw a second one there for that price this weekend, so I know they are still floating about. I also know that Media Play/Sun Coast/Sam Goody stores have them.  On-line:

- Entertainment Earth has them in sets of two (Cabin Control Nemo with Wave Rider Nemo) for $50 before shipping.  (MROTW Affiliate)

- Comics Infinity also has them for about $45 for the set of two.  I've always gotten great service from them. 

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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