Marvel Collectors Club
Psylocke Statue


The Marvel Collector's Club is bringing large scale statues - 12" scale - out at a very reasonable price.  For just $35 each, you get classic Marvel characters in great detail.

The club's initial offering was Spider-man, and now they've shipped Psylocke.  Coming very soon will be Nightcrawler.  The run on Psylocke is 2500, as was Spider-man.  He sold out long ago, and is selling for $85 or more on ebay already.  I've seen Nightcrawler already selling for $50 or $60 on ebay, and he's not even released yet!

Some folks had issues with Spider-man's paint application.  Have they been able to correct the issue?  Read on!

Packaging - **
I was a little nicer to the Spider-man on this count than I should have been.  It is just a plain cardboard box after all.  It did keep Psylocke nice and safe though, and I had no trouble with breakage.

The low packaging score isn't going to hurt this statue though - it's one of the ways they keep the price down, and I'm not going to complain about that!

Sculpting - ***
The sculpt isn't bad, certainly not in terms of detail or proportion.  The scale is on target as well, a little better than Spider-man, who seemed a tad small for a 12" scale.

I'm not thrilled with the design though.  She's looking back over her left shoulder, way back.  But the base is designed to display her with her body facing forward.  You can see very little of her face that way, and the pose in combination with the design of the base just doesn't work.

Speaking of the base, it's angled as well.  Psylocke looks like she's leaning forward, and should have had a little more backward bend in her stance to straighten her out.  The base has a great design though, and excellent detail work.

The style of sculpt is a little rougher than some folks may like, but it's not because it's a poor sculpt - it's just the style.  There's detail where there should be detail, and her hair and face are particularly nice.

Paint - ***
My Spider-man didn't have the issues others saw.  But this time, I see some problems on Psylocke.  It isn't terrible - particularly for the price - but it would be great if they could get a little cleaner.

The two major colors of her skin and uniform are very different.  This makes for great contrast, but also makes it tough to hide sloppy lines.  That's the problem for many of the small areas, particularly around the arm and leg bands.  Again, it's not terrible, but they need to get it a little cleaner to get more than three stars.

There's also some issues around consistency across the dark color of the uniform.  

The paint ops on the face are excellent however, and her eyes and lips look terrific. 

Accessories - ***
A statue with accessories?  Okay, technically it's not an accessory, but the blade of her sword is a separate piece.  It fits nicely in the hilt, but mine was a little bent coming out of the package.  I didn't want to go overboard trying to straighten it, lest I break it.

Quality - ***1/2
Overall, the quality is very solid.  There's nice heft to the piece, and even the small details are sturdy.  Don't throw it at the cat though.

Value - ***1/2
Statues of this size and quality go for at least twice what these are selling for.  You're going to see that reflected in the prices that become the norm on Ebay.  If you're interested in these, better to buy them early from the club than pay more later on.

Overall - ***
I didn't score Psylocke quite as high as Spider-man, and that was due mostly to the design.  The pose doesn't due much for me, and I think the upcoming Nightcrawler has a superior style.  Add to that my less than extreme interest in the character, and this statue leaves me a tad colder than the others.  But if Psylocke is your thing, you don't want to pass this up.

Where to Buy - 
Right now the place to get her is the Marvel Collector's Club!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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