Super Poseable Hulk

Coheteboy checks in with a review of the 'super poseable' Hulk - with some more great photos.  It's all yours, Coheteboy!

With the incredible success from both Marvel Legends and Spider-Man Classics, Toy Biz felt that it was time to give Hulk fans something to smash for. The new line is called "The Incredible Hulk" or to some collectors "Hulk Classics", and includes four different Hulks to collect: Super Poseable Hulk, Smart Hulk, Joe Fixit Hulk, and Abomination. The good thing about this first set is that each figure is unique enough to actually want all four. 

Today we will take a closer look at the Super Poseable Hulk for the simple reason that this might be the figure that puts a lot of you casual collectors on the fence. "I already have the Marvel Legends Hulk and I got suckered in to buying movie Hulk figures, why would I even want another one?" That's exactly what I asked myself when I found out that there would be yet another "regular" Hulk to be released. 

While there are improvements required before we have the perfect Hulk figure, read on to see why this might be a good Hulk for your collection.

Packaging - ***
Toy Biz ditches the plastic clamshells in this new line with a simple card and bubble. I've voiced my disgust with the Spider-Man Classics artwork and I'm not too fond of the X-Men Classics artwork either, but this one showing the Hulk crashing through a wall is actually pretty good. A unique sticker is used on the bubble showing which figure you are purchasing and the card rear provides information on the accessories. It's not stand out packaging but it does the trick. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
Going off of the first Marvel Legends Hulk, this is a much better looking Hulk. The details in anatomy have improved greatly as did the headsculpt. Of course it isn't that hard to go above and beyond the ugliness that was Marvel Legends Hulk. The left hand is more of an open palm while the right hand is pretty interesting - it's sculpted to make it easier for Hulk to look at his NAILS. It looks cool for the most part but it makes it rather difficult to grasp anything. Regardless, this is the best version of Hulk todate, even if he is a little "boxy".

Paint - ***
The color scheme of Hulk is quite simple: he's green with purple pants. Thankfully, Toy Biz is treating Hulk a little better than that with varying shades for improved detail. The Hulk I have is pretty clean so I have no complaints about the paint applications on the figure. Everything is pretty clean, even the details in the face. More could have been done to make it better, but no big deal.

Articulation - ***1/2
For a Hulk figure this should really be a perfect score in this category but I still feel a bit more could have been done for improving the overall figure. Still, FORTY points of articulation is nothing laugh at. This Hulk can run laps and do cartwheels around the Marvel Legends Hulk. 

Some "points" of interest are the hands and mid-torso. Hulk's hands feature movement in his thumb, index finger, and one joint for the rest grouped together. He's still not really good at holding anything but he can at least fake it! The mid-torso joint is very interesting allows Hulk to shift and twist his entire upper body forward, backward, left, or right. It's pretty odd to say the least and I'm not exactly sure what the reason behind this joint is. I'd rather be able to have him LEAN forward or backward instead of making an unnatural shift in weight. 

Other joints include: wrists, lower arms, elbows, upper arms, ball jointed shoulders, two in the neck, several in the hips, mid thighs, knees, calves, heels, and toes. 

The main disappointment I suppose is that the articulation is somewhat limited where you want them to be. As many points as he has in his arms and legs, you still can't pose Hulk in really dynamic poses the way you can with Spider-Man. Sure, Hulk is a big guy but that doesn't mean his range is shorter. My biggest disappointment however is in the head - Hulk cannot look up whatsoever. He can only look from side to side and down. That's what keeps articulation from being perfect in my book. 

Accessories - **1/2
Hulk comes with a Bendable Steel Girder! I know it's only Hulk we're talking about but at least the Marvel legend figures come with bases. The detail and wash on the girder is pretty cool and finally there's an accessory where toys can show off their strength. Unfortunately for Hulk, there's no way he can hold them without the rubberbands that he comes with. The right hand is too clenched to grab anything and the left hand is too open to do the same. One of these days... we WILL have a Hulk who can grab things.

Value - ***1/2
For $6.99, you get the best version of "regular" Hulk to date and he comes with a bendable girder. Forty points of articulation definitely help the value but the value might grow lower if you're tired of buying so many Hulk toys. 

Overall - * **1/2
Ever since the release of the first Marvel Legends Hulk, I was happy with it but I was also disappointed that I had a toy with big clammy hands. After seeing so many more Legends arrive with tons more articulation, I knew it was a matter of time before I finally found a version of Hulk to replace the first one on the shelf. So far, this Super Poseable Hulk does the job nicely. He definitely fits in better with the comic book styles of the rest of the figures and with that many points of articulation, there's not much more to complain about. If you're like me and want one perfect cast of Marvel Heroes and Villains, this Hulk is the one to get. 

Where to Buy - 
I've only found Hulk figures at Target stores so far but I'm sure they'll end up at the usual Toys'R'Us and Wal-Mart locations as well.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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