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The new Wolfman movie is just a week away, and Shaun Hilmar checks in tonight with a look at the 12" version of the character from Mezco. Take it away, Shaun!

Good evening every one and a big thanks to Michael for letting me do the review of Mezco’s effort on the famous lycanthrope from the upcoming film “The Wolfman”.  I’ll be doing this review of the 12” inch deluxe version with cloth shirt and vest.

As Michael pointed out in his review of the 7” figure, it’s tough to make the call on exactly just how screen accurate this guy truly is, as the film has another few weeks until its release.  We’ll have to work with the small amount of screen shots we’ve gotten and the trailers.

So, will this beastie has collectors and kids (even big ones) alike howling at the moon?  Lets see…

Packaging - ***
Let me just start off by saying the box this guy comes in is far larger than any of the other Mezco 12” figures we’ve gotten over time (I’m thinking the Cinema of Fear Freddy and Jason).  It’s a window box style that shows off the figure well, and includes pictures from the film as well as the other Mezco offerings tied into the movie.  I gave the three stars because the box has an almost diorama like aspect to it…there are graphics depicting trees and the moon on the sides and behind the figure, and he’ll look great on the shelf in the box (should you chose to leave him there).  If not, you’ll deal with the standard Mezco packaging (reminded me of their King Kong) wherein you’ll slide out a sleeve with formed plastic and deal with six twisties (oh and a surprise seventh around his neck).

Sculpting - ***1/2
As stated before, we don’t know EXACTLY what the wolfman looks like….yet.  But I’m willing to give Mezco some room here.  It appears a good up scaling of the smaller version.  The hair is well done and reasonably textured and thick looking.  For me, it’s the face and hands that make him stand out.  From the great looking teeth to the crinkling skin, to the claws, this guy is definitely not somebody you wanna run into while on your next hike.  The lower half (pants and er….paws) are also very nicely done, having all the appropriate and expected detail.

Paint - ***1/2
I am very happy to report that Mezco didn’t merely just go with a largely brown color over the figure.  Instead, they did a very good job of using various colors and shades to give the hair…ooops…I mean, fur, a very realistic appearance throughout.  I know that bad paint can kill a great sculpt, however good paint applications can make it better and I believe that’s the case here.  Everything on my figure was clean and well applied, the bloody mouth, the eyes, the blood was on the hands and chest, all look great and definitely add a lot.  The pants have the appropriate amount of dirt on them, although some may feel it’s a bit overdone.  Personally for me, it’s just right.

Articulation - **1/2
I count 13 points of articulation on this guy.  Ball jointed neck (amen), ball joints at the shoulder, cut elbows and wrists, cut calves and thighs.  And two surprises (at least for me).  A ball jointed waist and torso!  Those ones I wasn’t expecting and I really feel they work well, particularly with the ball jointed neck, as you can pose him in a crouched “stalking” pose or stand him straight up.  By the way, I want to note that this guy is scaled to 12”, and unsurprisingly, at full height he stands over 13”.  Back to the joints….what’s here allowed for a good variety of poses….mostly upper body, but certainly enough to keep most entertained for awhile.  The joints all moved well and were appropriately tight.

Accessories - *1/2
No medallion?  How about that cool wolfs head cane?  No?  Alas, no.  There are none.  Unless of course you count the cloth shirt and vest (which I actually liked so much, they are under outfit).  I really felt that we could have used something here, and this is the biggest disappointment in the figure.  Oh, it’s no deal breaker….but c’mon guys! 

Outfit - ***1/2
I had to break this out, I really was that impressed with it.  The style and pattern of the shirt are excellent and the vest has actually two types of material, a shinier one for the front and a flat black on the back portion.  Also , I like the adjustment strap in the lower back and the pre-done cuts and tears as poor Lawrence transforms.  Overall the fit of both of these items is excellent and really add more to the figure then I expected.  And even better, they accomplish this without being restrictive to the articulation.

Value - ***
I paid $31 dollars for him online and that’s a fair value for a figure of this kind.  Being that he is specialty market and will doubtless see a smaller production run, I’d expect to pay about that much.  I see some online retailers offering him closer to the $40 mark….if that’s the case you could knock off half a star.  But  who am I kidding, I’d have picked him up anyway.

Fun Factor - ***1/2
Man, when I was ten…..Wolfman!  Where were you!?  Oh well, better late than never.  Kids and adults alike will have a blast with this guy….no doubt.  He’s detailed and realistic and could hold up to play with little trouble.  My six year old is eyeing him already…..

Things to Watch Out For -
Be careful with the shirt and particularly the vest.  It has the pre-ripped portions that could continue to tear if some care isn’t used.  Other than that, nothing.  Like some of Mezco’s  other figures, this guy is rotocast, largely and built solid.

Overall - ***1/2
He’s not perfect, and his lack of any kind of accessory hurt, but overall, he really is a fantastic figure.  The sculpt, paint apps and that great shirt/vest combo really make this guy something special in my opinion.  I have no doubt he’ll look great on the shelf, and if you are a monster fan, particularly the old Universal monsters this guy really is a no brainer.  Let’s all just hope the film does him justice.

This product was purchased for the review by the reviewer. Photos and text by Shaun Hilmar.

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