DST 24 Jack Bauer 12" Figure

With a show as popular as 24, it's no surprise that it's gotten the pop culture collectible treatment.  We got a couple Nerd Hummels from Mcfarlane, along with some nifty little mini-mates from Diamond Select Toys.  Medicom has done a couple 12" versions, but the over $100 price point has kept a lot of people away.  Diamond Select Toys has now stepped in with their own 12" version, at a much lower price point.

I've watched the show since the very first night, through all its ups and downs, and I still love the show.  Yea, it has it's warts, but it's still one of the best action oriented programs we've had in years.  Once they get things settled down from the writer's strike and this puppy makes it back to the air, I know I'll be watching.

You can pick this guy up for around $25 at most online dealers, but your LCS might be a few bucks more expensive.


Packaging - ***
There are a few twisty ties, and some tape holding in a couple of the accessories, but for the most part the package is collector friendly, with no real sort of damage necessary to get the figure free.

There's also some personalization on the back, giving us a bit of Jack info as well as some info on the figure, but the listing of the accessories is incorrect.  It mentions handcuffs, but there are no handcuffs.  And besides, Jack doesn't need handcuffs.  He just kills them.

Sculpting - **1/2
When I first saw this figure at SDCC, I thought it was truly awful.  Not just sort of bad, but West Virginia double bagger bad.

Once I had it in hand, I realized that the head sculpt isn't nearly as bad as I had originally perceived.  In fact, in some ways I like this version of Jack better than the much more expensive Medicom head sculpt, although I suppose that could be construed as not saying too much, since neither Bauer was Medicom's shining moment.

Jack is a little young, with smoother skin that I think works for him.  He also has a little too much hair, something every Bauer head sculpt has suffered from.  The Mcfarlane version probably came closest, but Keifer is a bit balder than any of the action figures make it appear.

The actual detail work on this hair sculpt is quite impressive though, with a very fine touch being used on the strands and layers.

On the minus side, the head does seem a bit small, but that might be because of the atrocious clothing.  This clothing is also why the head sculpt can't really be appreciated - you simply can't see it for all the God awfulness that is his clothes.  Like a bad car accident, it's hard to look away, and harder to appreciate any quality about the rest of the figure.

The biggest issue the head sculpt has - and this is exacerbated by the paint job - is the caterpillars he has over his eyes.  One thing Jack does not have is big bushy looking Brooke Shields eyebrows, and they throw off the whole look.

Keifer is a tough guy to pull off, because he does tend to be a bit non-descript.  His face doesn't quite have as much 'character' as some, making it hard to get an extremely close match.  They've done an admirable job here, and certainly better than I had expected.  One thing they did get right is a softer look to his face.  I don't want to say 'flabby', because that's a word that just doesn't go with Jack Bauer.  But his face isn't as sharply chiseled as some action heroes, and they did get the shape of the jaw, lips, nose and eyes just about right.

That's not to say the head sculpt is perfect.  Like I said, it's a tad small, and a tad young, and oh those eyebrows.  But considering the price on this figure, you're actually getting a better head sculpt than I expected.

The hands are sculpted to hold the accessories, especially the guns.  They work fine with the cel phone too.  There's a second set of hands (fists) that have a reasonable well done sculpt as well.

Paint - **1/2
The paint isn't quite there, but you can't fault them too much considering the price point.

Everything is quite clean and neat, with straight eyes, even lips and eyebrows, and a clean hair line.  Even the highlighting in the hair is done pretty well, and dirty blonde hair is very hard to pull off.  It's a little too dark here, but they gave it the old college try.

The biggest issue is the eyebrows, just like with the sculpt.  Not only are they huge, but they are well down on his forehead, practically on top of his eyes.  They really ruin the whole look.

The skin tone is a bit too toy-like, lacking some realism.  This flat appearance tends to make him a bit more mannequin-like, and adds to the too youthful appearance.

The paint work on the hands if fine, if not exceptional.  There's no clumping of the skin tone, which is a big plus.

Articulation - **1/2
If you're a Sideshow collector, this body is going to look awfully familiar.  Yep, it's the Art S. Buck body so well known to the world of Sideshow fans.  The wrists are different, because the body has new forearms (replaced at the cut joint much like some of the earlier Universal Monsters), but otherwise it's identical.

The wrists are basic cut joints, to allow the swappable hands to pop on and off pretty easily.  That makes the figure short a pretty critical joint for posing, reducing this score over the usual Sideshow score.

But what really pulls the score down is the annoying right forearm.  The forearms are held to the main arm with a peg, and it's much too short on the right arm.  I couldn't pose the figure without reattaching the arm repeatedly, making me a very frustrated boy.

Those two issues were the only additional problems, although the body has all the issues we've come to discuss to death.  It doesn't hang quite as naturally as either the Medicom RAH body or the Hot Toys True-Type, and tends to look fairly gangly in most clothing.  Which lead us to the next category...

Outfit - *1/2
Aaaaaaaggghhhhh! It burns, it burns!  Seriously.

Jack's outfit consists of black shoes, pants, long sleeve shirt, and suede jacket.

The shoes are good.  The sculpts are nice, they fit well, and they don't have that oversized clown thing going on.  He stands fine in them in even extreme stances.

The pants are something out of a bad 70's sitcom.  They're polyester.  Really.  With a big velcro closure up the back.  There are actual pocket openings in the front as well as belt loops, and one has to wonder why go through that much trouble for a pair of pants that look this bad.

The shirt has an oversized collar, oversized buttons, and terrible tailoring.  But the tailoring on the shirt is nothing compared to the work on the jacket.  The collar is monstrously large, and the suede material makes the jacket look like Bauer is six years old, dressing up in daddy's clothes.

Swap Keifer's head with a balding middle age guy, put his sunglasses on and a cigar in his hand, and you have the perfect kitbashed used car salesman.

Accessories - ***
Jack comes with an extra set of hands, sculpted into fists, two hand guns, sunglasses, a steel briefcase (plastic, of course), and his trademark cel phone.

If you've seen the accessories that the Medicom came with, you may actually appreciate these more.

For example, Medicom's cel phone was plain black plastic.  Here, the phone has paint details to give it a more realistic appearance.  Unfortunately, it doesn't close, and that disappointed me a bit.  But the open look works well, and it fits nicely in his left hand.

The extra hands pop on and off easily enough, but take a little care.  The posts seem a tad weak, and might be damaged if you aren't paying attention.

I was most disappointed in the briefcase, because it looks like it should open and does not.  Considering how cool some of the small cases we've gotten with lines like Sigma Six have been, I was really hoping to be able to store things like the guns inside this one.  The sculpt and paint are fine, but I was still hoping for a bit more.

The two guns are the highlight of the accessories, done nicely in scale and with two different unique sculpts.  While the clips don't come out, I was actually quite impressed with the sculpts and paint work on both weapons.

Finally, there's the sunglasses.  I'm not hugely fond of the paint job, with slop on the lens and around the frames.  But the sculpt is surprisingly in scale, something that's pretty rare in sixth scale eye wear.  I don't plan on using them with Jack, but they might make good cop shades for a kitbash.

You'll notice that one thing missing here that we tend to see with every sixth scale release these days is a display stand.  I wouldn't have used it anyway, but if you had grown accustomed to getting them, be aware that you'll need to come up with another source.

Fun Factor - ***
If you have kids that want to play like Jack Bauer, then this isn't the worst figure in the world.  The articulation will work well for them with the exception of the ever dropping right arm, the accessories are fairly sturdy, and you won't feel bad about them tearing up a $25 figure (as opposed to a $125 figure).

Value - ***
This is actually a pretty good value.  I picked him up for about $23, and if I wanted to buy the Buck body from Sideshow, that alone would cost me $20.  I may pick up a couple more of Jack, not because I need more Jack's, but because of the customizing potential.

Things to Watch Out For - 
Not much.  I'd be careful swapping the hands, but even those are probably sturdy enough to withstand normal use.

Overall - **
The accessories and price point save this figure from a lower score.  Had this figure been up in the $40 range, it would have been creamed.

If you're looking for a Jack Bauer figure to put on the shelf next to your Hot Toys Jack Sparrow or Superman, this ain't it.  But if you're looking for a Jack to go with your Zizzle 12" Jack Sparrow, that's a different story.  Considering the similar price point, that's not too much of a surprise.

But I think the real value here is in the customizing potential.  If you want to use the Sideshow Buck body, you'd end up paying $20 for it anyway.  For the extra three bucks, you get two good guns, a pair of sunglasses, a cel phone, decent shoes, and maybe some clothes that would look good torn up and bloody on a zombie figure.  And while the Jack head sculpt isn't perfect, it is good enough to kitbash out a better looking Bauer on your own.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - **1/2
Paint - **1/2
Articulation - **1/2
Outfit - *1/2
Accessories - ***
Fun Factor - ***
Value -  ***
Overall - **

Where to Buy -
Your local LCS might have him, or you can try:

- CornerStoreComics has him at $23, in stock.  They also have the pre-order up for the "3 pm" version.

- Amazing Toyz has him in at $23 as well.

- Alter Ego Comics has him at $25.50.

- Circle Red has for $27.

- Time and Space Toys has him at $30.  They also have pre-orders up for the "3 pm" version.

- Urban-Collector doesn't show this one in stock, but they do have the pre-order up for the "3 pm" version.

- or you can search Ebay using MyAuctionLinks.

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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