Medicom Sixth Scale Luke Skywalker

I've gotten a lot of questions and seen a lot of chatter since Action-HQ announced they had the Medicom Luke Skywalker in stock a couple weeks ago.  Jeff Parker helps out tonight by reviewing this hot new figure - what's the scoop, Jeff!

Well it's finally here! It's been a long wait but was it a worth It! Up until now Medicoms Star Wars range has been pretty much exclusively their kubrick's figures, but finally they've ventured into the 1/6 scale. Now many of the Hong Kong traders I've spoken to were surprised that they didn't go for Boba Fett or a stormtrooper, but one of the first things I noticed on getting this guy out of the protective packaging (bullet proof as ever, well done Charles) was that along with the Medicom logo is the Tomy logo, now they were also linked to Marmit who, as I'm sure we all know brought us the fantastic Boba Fett, stormtrooper, sandtrooper, TIE Pilot and AT-AT pilot a few years ago. That's not to say they won't be visiting these characters in the future, but my guess is if they do follow up with some other figures we might be seeing more of the 'human' ones first (but come on Medicom, we're all gaging for a decent Mr D. Vader and you could be the guys to deliver!). Well I shall be writing this review in real time, as I've literally just got it out of the mailing box, so I shall be writing as I get deeper inside. So lets kick off with:- 

Packaging - ***1/2
At first this box looks pretty uninspired, but as you look at it you kind of get to thinking it's more understated. I guess getting the Star War license is a pretty big deal for most manufacturers, as if handled correctly it's a license to print money. But in this case only one thousand have been made due to far east licensing restrictions, and so for this reason I think they went for class over colour, and lets face it what would you rather have, Hasbro's 'often' great packaging with a crap figure inside, or this. I know which side I'm on. Well I'm going in, and I'm going in full throttle. Plain matte black box with grey and silver foil blocked lettering. The flap front opens to show Luke standing next to his sabre and multiple hands, The blurb on the left also informs us that this figure is equipped with an improved version of the RAH301 skeleton body, now as Medicom have always made what I consider to be the best (in terms of achieving lifelike poses, but it has to be said don't look great naked) 1/6 body available at the moment (I have to disagree with Michael on this one as I feel the sideshow body is just a little too lanky and the shoulders are a little restricted, but it does look OK naked). But back to the box!

Slide the tray out and there he is, clam shell, held securely in place with 'NO' twisty ties, see it 'CAN', and by many far east manufacturers often 'IS' done. Next to the sabre in the tray is his belt and underneath the tray are his Jedi cape (bagged) and the old faithful clear plastic stand.

when I first looked at this I thought 3 stars, but the simple fact I'm not confronted by a single twisty-tie has bought him an extra half a star. There are also a couple of printed black and white sheets of paper , one all Japanese text the other has a couple of pictures showing the two ways of dressing the figure, i.e. Jabba showdown of Emperor showdown, they also inform us that this is No 200 in their Real Action Hero range.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I know it must seem like I have shares in Medicom sometimes, but they seem to get things right so consistently, having said that I'm not above giving them a bad review (see my last review on the Alien 12" figure) But on this occasion they've got it right again. Though far from perfect, I don't know what it is about Mark Hamil that's so elusive to sculptors, but this is the best sculpt I've seen of him after the 1978 car crash that altered his facial appearance. 

The pre car crash sculpt award would have to go to the Gentle Giant bust in stormtrooper disguise followed up by the recent Sideshow 18" statue. One thing I've always thought is there is quite a resemblance in a young Malcolm McDowell and Mark Hamill (see 'If' and 'clockwork orange' and tell me I ain't right) which is noticeable here as it kind of looks like a cross between the two. He also comes with no fewer than seven hands, including the pair attached. Two for the left hand and four for the right, two of which are gloved for the look after he gets shot in the hand on the sail barge. All the hands are crisply sculpted as are his belt and lightsabre, but I'll get to those in accessories.

Paint -***
Not their best paint job but still above average nice detailing on the hair and eyes, I especially like the subtle darkening around the eyes, giving him that troubled slightly 'darksideish' appearance. The only other paint seems to be the Lightsabre which is simple but fine.

Articulation - ***1/2
Well as I was expecting great things from the RAH301 skeleton body I wasn't too let down. They seem to have improved the shoulder articulation even more, but the one place I've felt they could improve would be the abdomen, it works fine but I feel a swivel joint here would improve his poseability even further.

Accessories - ***
Well he comes with everything he needs, that being his lightsabre. And I suppose seven hands ain't bad, and you get a stand. But if they had included the rebel troop helmet (Endor style) and his camo poncho you'd be able to dress him in virtually every costume he wore in Jedi. And if they had chucked in the blaster he 'forcefully' grabs in Jabba's palace he would be complete.

Outfit - ***
I think this is his weakest area, don't get me wrong it is a really great outfit, but there's a couple of nigly things that keep him from that perfect score. The tailoring in general is great and his suit fits snugly giving him a great 'to scale' appearance, unlike the all too often bulky Hasbro stuff. But if you want him in Emperor showdown mode the velcro on his trousers isn't that strong and can be a bit visible. Also if you want to leave the front of his bib fronted shirt open/down as when he's dragging daddy to his ship, you'll find there is so much velcro on show it kind of spoils the illusion. Especially as they've gone to the bother of making the inside of the panel gray as it was in the film. 

The other problem is the belt. It's just too small and doesn't clasp tightly enough. It's means of buckling are just two small pegs fitting through two even smaller holes. I only managed to get one peg to clasp, after a lot of fumbling, it seems to be holding fine but this could have been handled much better. The boots fit well and again are tight to the leg making the scale look good. And finally his Jedi cape, this fits really well and has a wire running around the rim of the hood so you can get it to look like it has some weight to it and sit correctly over his shoulders.

Fun Factor - ****
Four stars all the way. If only hasbro could get things this right there would be a lot of happy kids and collectors out there!

Value - **
A limited edition Japanese (1000 only) Star Wars 1/6 scale figure is never going to be cheap. But if you build up a rapport with who ever you buy from they tend to let you know not only what's coming out but will offer you deals. So I got Luke for $148.00 which when you consider you can pick up most Hasbro 12" for around $25 is about 500% more. Most eBayers seem to be selling for between $158 (the cheapest I've seen) to anything floating around the $200 mark. As I always say don't buy to invest, but I can only see this guy going up in value as numbers run out. And the Medicom Spiderman (again only 1000 made) that came out back last summer now changes hands for up to $400.

Overall - ***1/2
Although expensive, price didn't keep this from four stars. It was that damn belt! As I said he's only been in my possession for three hours so with some zen meditation and a few Jedi breathing exercises I will try again later. But it really could have been perfect.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - ***1/2
Accessories - ***
Outfit- ***
Fun Factor - ****
Value - **
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy: 
I got mine on eBay from Charlesay, I've seen him on eBay at prices listed above and at on-line stores:-
Matrixcollectibles- $188.00 $214.00 189.00

Site sponsor Action-HQ has him for $200, and he's currently in stock.


Figure from the collection of ScottE Turnbull.

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