Sheriff Jim

Growing up as a child of the 60's, my favorite movies and shows were westerns.  But for me, that meant that Clint Eastwood was da man.  Not so for my father's generation, and he has always explained why John Wayne is everything Clint wishes he was.

Yamato has added to their Peace Maker line with the new Sheriff Jim figure.  Sure, it's not really John Wayne.  The price has gone up - I bought mine at for about $48.

Packaging - ***
It's not up to Dragon quality yet, but they are getting there.  Things come out of the box nicely, but the quality of the packaging is still a little cheap.  I do like the style with the gate fold front that resembles saloon doors.

Sculpting - ***1/2
This figure is certainly an improvement over the previous two.  This really does capture John Wayne's look, although the hair color is a bit disconcerting.

Articulation - ***
If this was a couple years ago, this would be an acceptable body, perhaps even a great body.  But with the new bodies of the last year from Dragon and 21st Century, it doesn't come up to the level we expect now.  Sideshow Toy also has a great new body coming out, and even the newer Soldiers of the World figures has better articulation.

Also, the neck joint is disappointing, because it isn't an easy head swap with any of the other popular bodies.  That's too bad, because swapping this head with one of the better bodies would make this figure absolutely fantastic.

Accessories - ***1/2
There aren't too many accessories beyond the outfit, but there are a few.  John, er, I mean Jim, comes with two six shooters, with removable cylinders and white grips, a small, gold pocket watch, spurs, and interchangeable hands.

The hands swap easily, and the guns are very nice.  The watch fits in the vest pocket, and can be attached to a button or a snap on the other end of the chain.  The spurs are still awful though, intended to stay on the boots because of a tight fit, but that's a concept that doesn't quite work.  But overall the accessories are very well done.

Outfit - ***1/2
Wow. This is an outfit you really need to see and feel to appreciate.  The outer top coat, paints, inner coat and vest are all made of an extremely high quality material, with excellent stitching and detail.  The clothes are tailored to fit, and this is one of the nicest outfits I've seen outside of the military uniforms from Dragon.

The boots are nice, and the white shirt well made.  The vest even has a 'silk' back with buckle and small belt.  All the layers have snaps that are well stitched, and there is even a nice neck tie.

Unfortunately, the holster is still lacking.  They have improved it since the first two figures, and the guns fit well and it doesn't look as oversized, but there's further room for improvement.  The did improve the hat, and this one fits well and has a great style.  As I said when I reviewed the previous two, it was a good idea that didn't quite go right.  This time they got it right.

Value - ***
I was worried at the price when I bought this, since the first two figures didn't rate a price this high.  But this is a much better figure than I had anticipated, and the outfit is wonderful.

Overall - ***
This is a great figure for the 12" collector, particularly those interested in western figures.  The only real complaint is the poor body, and the difficulty in switching this head to another.  But if you are a fan of John Wayne, westerns or 12" action figures, this is a great figure.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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