BMW R1200C

Mark D is back with another great guest review.  This time it's NewRay's 1/6 scale BMW R1200C motorcycle. Take it away, Mark!

Item Reviewed: NewRay's 1/6 scale BMW R1200C motorcycle. I know it's not an action figure but it is one heck of an action figure accessory. Other bikes in the line include two Indian touring cruisers, and Indian military bike and Honda dirt bikes, either competitive racer  paint job or SWAT paint job.

Packaging - **1/2
The package is a simple window box. It allows for full viewing and has some nice graphics…the box is functional but nothing exciting. I would have given it three stars but the bike is attached at the bottom to the cardboard insert via a plastic plate that has to be unscrewed. No big deal really but you need a thin Phillips screwdriver….and I couldn't find mine!!!

Paint - ****
The tank and fenders are actually molded in color but feature nice blue pinstripes. There's a BMW logo on the tank and speedometer decal. All of it is very nicely done.

Detail - ***1/2
Everything from brake cables to rear foot pegs are on this baby. The detail are a little rough in some spots but overall is nice looking. There are shocks but they are non-functioning. The tires are heavy rubber and the body is nice hard plastic. The engine is reflective plastic but the exhaust and frame parts are kind of a cheap gray plastic that feels pretty brittle. It seems like they kind of skimped here but overall it's pretty nice.

Play Factor - ***
See above comments. The quality is good for adult collectors who will use it for displaying their figures, but I don't think it would take a lot of abuse if a kid bought it to play with. I think the brittle plastic is very susceptible to breakage and the wheels have great potential to snap off because of the plastic

Value - ****
I picked this up for $20 at Toys R Us. I give it the full four stars because I'm comparing it to similar quality bike put out by Hasbro and 21st Century. They may have had a very slight edge on the detail and strength but they were also 2-3 times the price.

Overall - ***1/2
This will make a great addition to my motor-pool and will make for some great shots in my next photo story.

Where to Buy
As I mentioned earlier, I picked this one up at TRU. I haven't seen them in any other retailers but NewRay has shown up at several other major retailers and you should keep your eye out everywhere.

MWC Note - I heard from reader David tonight, and he said that you can find these at some Kaybees and Kaybee outlets on clearance at $7.99!  I'd check it out if you're in the market.

The Rater: Mark D is an avid action figure collector old enough to have gotten vintage GI Joes for Christmas as a kid, but still young enough to play with his toys. He collects mostly vintage AT GI Joe stuff but still likes to grab the cool stuff that comes out now, especially law enforcement figures and accessories. He's been a regular at The Sandbox ( since he first came on line about five years ago. He's always looking to swap with other Joe-head and assist them in finding the hard to find stuff. You can contact him at

Figure from the collection of Mark D.

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