Buffy Series 2

Moore Action Collectibles has just released the long anticipated second set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures.  This assortment includes a new Buffy, her Watcher Giles, and Oz, the werewolf boyfriend of Willow.

These are showing up at various comic shops, and will probably hit Toys R Us eventually, just as the first series did.  But I picked up the special boxed set from Media Play (also available at Suncoast and Sam Goody stores) for $34.99.  Considering some of the prices they are going for at online comic shops, it's a decent deal.

Packaging - ***
A nice, spooky look to the box, and both the figures and the accessories are easy to see.  It isn't too bad to take everything out, although you still have to tear up the insert to remove the stands.  But as packaging for 6" figures go, it's not bad.

Articulation - ***
Obviously, someone at MAC listened to the complaints on the first series about the poor articulation.  Unfortunately, adding more points doesn't necessarily translate into better poseability

The figures have neck, shoulder, elbow, hips, and knees.  They added cut joints at the biceps, wrists and mid-thigh.  The addition of the wrist joints is great, and the bicep cut joint is useful, but the leg cut joints are pretty much worthless.

These aren't figures you'll be putting in a lot of different poses, but are mainly for straight display.

Accessories - ***1/2
Each figure comes with three or four accessories, all appropriate to the individual.  Giles has two crossbows, a great Vampyre book, large cross and bag.  Buffy has a couple stakes, and three pointy and sharp utensils for vampire killing.  Oz comes with his electric guitar and strap, amp, and an extra set of hands. Sure, it's odd for him to have a guitar and amp at the cemetary, but at least it's a good looking guitar.

Every one of them comes with a display stand. These stands are extremely nice, and each character fits on them well.  There are quibbling problems - Buffy's headstone doesn't stay in the slot, and the chain on Oz's headstone just flops around - but overall they are very nice.  If they had made them so they snapped together, they would have been hitting on all cylinders, but I suppose you can't expect them to think of everything.

Value - **
These figures are only worth about 8 bucks each.  At around 11-12 each, it's not a particularly great value.  The ten bucks that Toys R Us will charge is at least a little more in line.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt on Buffy is an obvious improvement - just check her out with the original. Giles is also an extremely good sculpt.  Oz isn't quite as well done - I have to admit that Mcfarlane toys beat them on this likeness with the Austin Powers version of Scott Evil.

But there are a couple major flaws here.  The paint work on Giles is weak.  The attempt to make him 'old' with painted wrinkles just doesn't work.  And I have no idea why all of these figures have such awful posture - this Buffy has a hunched look that ruins an otherwise excellent figure.  All three have their pelvis pushed forward, and shoulders hunched.  I much prefer the first series bodies.

Overall - ***
The sculpts are an improvement over some of the first series, but the overall bodies aren't as good.  Excellent accessories, and great display stands make up for some of the shortcomings however.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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