Jabba's Denizens

Coheteboy is back with the second half of his Jabba Palace review - this time it's Jabba's Denizens.  Take it away, Coheteboy!

After a successful initial wave of Ultra figures, Hasbro takes full advantage of their resources as well as the packaging size in this line to give a pretty fascinating three pack of characters found in Jabba's Palace. The Court Denizens pack includes a reissue of the perimeter droid B'omarr Monk (fully assembled) and two new characters: a mollusk with a wicked tongue Wol Cabasshite and Bubo, who seems to enjoy Oola's dancing as much as everyone else. 

I'm a bit curious, however, to see what the people at Hasbro think of us collectors. I recall purchasing a Clone Trooper 3pack that gave us three very boring figures that really don't do more than stand there. For the same price we get the Court Denizens full of three individual characters that are a must have for fans of Jabba's Palace. But on top of that, we get another B'omarr Monk, a figure that I had to go out of my way to obtain just a few years ago! The first B'omarr Monk figure was Hasbro's first internet exclusive and was obtained with three Star Wars proofs of purchase and receipt. It was then later sold in the $10 price range, and you even had to put it together yourself! 

Getting back on track, The Court Denizens are packed two to a case along with (2) new Jabba The Hutts and (2) Wampas from the first wave. 

Packaging - ***1/2
There's no hiding it. I think this is a great way of packaging larger figures or packaging groups of smaller figures. It's simple in design and that's one of the reasons why it works so well. The card stock used is thick and sturdy, though the corners might be damaged more easily. The bubbles are big enough and display its contents very well. A small card insert provides a production still from the film very much like the basic figures. The card back provides a small blurb about the characters as well as some good images in full color. This is some of the more decent packaging designs Hasbro has done so far.

Sculpting - Bubo ****; B'omarr Monk *** 1/2; Wol Cabasshite ** 1/2
For most of us, BUBO is the sole reason why this set is a must. There's several scenes in Return of the Jedi when Bubo is in clear view and I honestly don't think they could have done this figure much better. It is PERFECT. The snarl, the wrinkles, the eyes, all are done with such precision that it really makes the crap they do look that much worse. This is a Star Wars figure done exactly right and I applaud Hasbro for this. 

B'OMARR MONK is also a really great mold, especially since it was released in 1997! I can't possibly find anything wrong this figure so if you were never able to get a hold of this one back in the day, this is a great way to plus up your collection. \

Practically an invisible character to the most casual viewers, WOL CABASSHITE was one of those figures that I never expected to get made. I'm very glad it did get the plastic treatment but something appears a bit off about him. If you go back and watch ROTJ again it looks incredibly different. The tongue is definitely something that could have been improved. I don't recall it being as twisted as they made it. The sculpt also doesn't appear as expressive as in the film and in production stills. I was expecting a meaner looking mollusk but this one just looks a little "blah". Can't put my finger on it really but it just doesn't look right. The rear end of Cabasshite is a suction cup allowing him to attach to glass. Well, let's hope if Hasbro ever makes a plastic Jabba playset that has a good spot for Mr Longtongue. 

Paint - Bubo *** 1/2; B'omarr Monk ***; Wol Cabasshite **
Paint aps on Bubo is your typical Hasbro paint, but it looks good. There's some nice details on Bubo such as warts and wrinkles that are just bring out the sculpt even more. The straps around Bubo is also painted evenly so I'd have to say it's the best one of the set. 

B'omarr Monk gets a slightly different paint job from the original release. The most obvious is the brain bowl that is pink instead of blue. I'm unsure which is more accurate in the film but the B'omarr prototype featured pink liquid. The other changes aren't as obvious but it's a different shade entirely, more rusty than metallic. The claw arm is also painted the same color as the rest. Again, I'm unsure of how accurate it is but it's a decent overall job, but nothing to it at all. 

Wol Cabasshite is the typical paint job found in Hasbro products of the late 90s featuring the dusty-spray look throughout the body. It's not horrible but definitely could have been a lot better. The details in the face could have been brought out a little further and the tongue is a bold red. It's a decent application for a simple figure, but it could have been far better. 

Articulation - B'omarr Monk: *** 1/2; Bubo ***; Wol Cabashite N/A
The old Monk gets the higher marks here for his six articulated spider-legs and the jointed arm below him. His abdomen can spin around if you want it to but that's not real articulation. I don't really see how much better this figure can get in this department so he gets a pretty good score.

Bubo gets pretty high marks as well for having only three points of articulation, but there really isn't much more you can do with the guy. He only has two arms and a tale. Each arm is articulated and the best part is that his bottom jaw can open and close. Wow, a figure that can actually do what he does in the movie! I suppose articulated wrists would improve the overall score but it's not necessary.

Wol Cabasshite has NO points of articulation because he has no limbs! But even his tongue is a bit stiff, unfortunately. 

Accessories - **
The low score isn't necessarily a bad thing because I'd certainly rather have more characters than unnecessary accessories. And that's exactly what we have here. Three figures that require no accessories at all. The only one included is a chain that can hook onto Bubo's collar. It's a nice length and does the trick, made of soft plastic for flexibility. 

Value - ***
I really don't think you can get a better price on this set getting three characters for $10. It's not a perfect score since in my eyes, B'omarr Monk could have been replaced with a figure nobody has. But perhaps that's why it's so cheap to begin with. 

Overall - ***1/2
Even though I wasn't exactly thrilled to get another B'omarr Monk figure, this is a nice set to have just to get Bubo and Wol Cabasshite. But if you're not a fan of random aliens and characters that don't really serve a greater purpose, by all means, pass on this set. For the price of $10, it's definitely a good buy. 

Where to Buy -  
I found this set at Wal-Mart but you'll definitely see these at Target and Toys'R'Us.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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