JLA 4 - Red Tornado, Wonder Woman and the Atom
Posted 02/23/01
Overall score - **
* out of ****

(Originally published at the Comic Book Galaxy)

There are really three Hasbro/Kenner DC lines that I felt were real winners in the last decade.  BTAS is one of course, and one of my personal favorites is the cool Legends of the Dark Knight line.  The third is still limping along - Total Justice, which was renamed JLA a year or so ago.

The JLA figures have an extreme pose in their sculpts, but it works in a Mcfarlanesque sort of way.  The character selection has been great, but it looks like this series - series 4 of JLA - will be the last.  These are only available through Toys R Us right now, and retail for $5.99.  This wave includes Wonder Woman, Atom, Red Tornado (all reviewed here), Batman and Superman (not reviewed).

Packaging - ***
These provide you with some decent card art, and it's a nice touch that the back of the card has cover art which you can cut out and put in the back of the display base.  Hasbro gets extra points for that move.

Sculpt - ***
Of these three, WW probably has the best sculpt.  But Atom's is nothing to sneeze at - check out how cool the atom symbol on his head is!  And although Red Tornado is the least exciting, he's the only one of these three that's really in the 'total justice' style.  He'll look perfect with the previous waves.  WW will fit in, but she isn't really in the same style, and Atom probably fits better with the DC Direct stuff - and he's about the right size!

Value - ***1/2
Here's a shock - well sculpted figures, display bases, and an accessory, all for under six bucks.  These figures are quite a bit better value than most lines currently shipping.

Paint - **1/2
As is often the case for Hasbro, you need to be picky about your figures.  The paint ops tend to be sloppy, but at least with this wave there should be enough figures on the shelf (for the next week or so anyway) to allow you to be choosey.

Articulation - **1/2
Standard Hasbro/Kenner 5 points.  Knees and elbows sure would be nice, particularly on the Atom and WW figures.  Red Tornado has that extreme TJ pose, so extra points wouldn't have done a lot of good.

Accessories - ***
The bases are particularly cool, and when you're working with a figure that doesn't have much in appropriate accessories, providing bases is a great idea.  WW also comes with her lasso and Atom comes with his smaller version.  The smaller Atom is a decent sculpting job, but something that small suffers from paint ops problems.

Overall - ***
Nice work by Hasbro.  Like I said, Total Justice and then the JLA line was one of the few hits I think Hasbro/Kenner had with the DC license.  Twenty years from now, this is a line collectors will be seeking out.  Don't make the mistake of passing them up now only to wish you hadn't when you're old and gray.  Or older and grayer, as the case will be for some of us.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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