Action Mount Display Stands

There are many burning questions in the world, questions that have defied mankind through the ages.  If you're a sixth scale collector, you know one of those questions I display my figures with a stand or without?

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is one of those things that divides some collectors.  Some prefer using stands to keep everyone upright indefinitely, or to get them into radical positions - others prefer natural poses without the stands, even if they fall occasionally.  Hey, the realistic appearance of the figure and display is such a huge deal, so why ruin it with a funky plastic clip around the figure's waist?

But what if you could get stands that weren't so intrusive?  That's where Action Mount stands come in to play.

This isn't going to be a 'normal' review, since these stands don't fit the usual categories.  Bear with me as we branch into different territory...

Design - ***1/2
The basic design is...quite basic!  Rather than using a clip or attachment around the waist or leg, the action mount rod has a simple curved top, where the wire is bent over a short distance.  While basic in design, this is very versatile.

The exterior of the wire is coated in a thin rubber, with a rubber tip, so that it won't damage delicate clothing or paint.  This hook can slip up through the back of a shirt or jacket, up a pant leg, or even hook over the top of pants or cummerbunds. 

The base is a simple wood, with a light varnish finish.  This is a little too brightly colored for my tastes, and I'll probably repaint them either in a flat black or perhaps a textured gray.  The company says they'll be doing additional colors in the bases as well, but they aren't available yet.

The hole that the rod slips into on the base is small, making it a tight fit.  That means it takes a little effort to assemble the first time, but it also means that the rod and base make a very sturdy support for your figures.

The base is about the same diameter as most sixth scale bases, but I find this to be too small.  While the rod could allow the figures to take wide stances, the diameter of the base does not.

Appearance - ***
I mentioned the color of the base, and that's probably the biggest issue for me.  I'd like something a little less obtrusive.

The rod itself though is very unobtrusive.  Although it's very sturdy, it's also quite thin.  If the rod is inserted in a jacket or hooked on the pants in back, it does show between the legs, but because it's thin it's less of an issue than many other stands.

But there's other options as well.  Insert the rod in the pant leg, and it's almost invisible.  I have two shots with Connor that show this option - one a close up of the leg, and the other showing that no rod is visible from the front.

But what about figures with boots?  I have a few shots with Jedi Luke as well, and in this case, the rod is inserted in the back of the vest.  The rod can allow for single leg stands, and by placing a single leg directly in front of the rod, it again becomes invisible.

Functionality - ***
These work best for standing poses.  Some one legged kick stances will work good too, but those are fairly character specific.  Wide stances are out of the question, and you can't do flying or jumping poses, where the entire figure is in the air.  That's the biggest downfall to a design like this, unlike a waist clip.

Quality - ***
The rod is very good quality, and the rubber tip stays attached even under strain.  The base and rod are very sturdy, and will hold up even heavy figures without any trouble.

The wood base is less appealing than other options though, at least in this untouched color. It's a bit too 'knotty pine cabin' for me, but you may have less of an issue with it.

Value - ***
These sell for $5 each normally, but you can pick them up from the company on ebay right now for just $10 for a set of three.  That's a pretty good deal, and while you could make a similar stand yourself, by the time you paid for materials and your time, you'd be just as well off giving up the $3.33 each.

Overall - ***
I like these quite a bit. The light wood is the biggest issue for me, and I'll probably repaint the bases on the three I purchased.  The company is advertising stand sets with wider bases, with two and three rods attached, which might be something that folks would find useful.

What would be ideal for me would be if they just sold the bent rods with rubber tips for a buck a pop.  I could then drill holes in strategic locations on the shelves I use, and attach the rods where ever appropriate.  Hmmm...that has me thinking... 

Score Recap:
Design - ***1/2
Appearance - ***
Functionality - ***
Quality - ***
Value -  ***
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
You can buy them directly from the manufacturer at their website, or from them off ebay.  Just look for the seller 'action_mount'.  Expect to pay $10 for a set of three.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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