Fantastic Four
Human Torch and Thing

I don't know about you, but I'm always up for a Coheteboy guest review.  This one is on the latest in the Fantastic Four line - what's da poop, CB?

Toy Biz has launched so many different Marvel toy lines in the past years it's never been better for a Marvel fan. From Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, to Fantastic Four, here's a new figure line that will give us two series of "Legends" style toys and will then transition into the animated series of action figures after that. 

In the first series of "Fantastic Four", there is Mr. Fantastic, Super Skrull, Thing, and Human Torch. I decided to not get Mr. Fantastic since I have so many already and I can't find Super Skrull or any of his variants for the life of me. So today, all I have is a simple review of Human Torch and Thing. And you should definitely pick up both, I think! Impy the Impossible Man that comes with Torch should be reason enough!

Packaging - ***
As with the previous Spider-Man, Hulk Classics, and X-Men figure lines, Fantastic Four here is also released with the standard kid-friendly card and bubble. Although I have to admit that the artwork here is light years beyond what we've seen before. The Fantastic Four gang grace the top of the card using actual comic art, instead of some random in-house designer. Also behind the figure is the FF logo in all of its glory. 

The back of the card is also pretty attractive with clear illustrated guides on how to use the action features or accessories that come with the figure. No blurb about the character at all on the back which is a bit disappointing.

The figure itself is packaged and displayed nicely. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
I must admit, I was reluctant to want yet another styling of Thing or Torch but upon closer inspection, I was won over. 

Human Torch is a similar to the translucent 'movie' version released last year but now in a completely comic-book form, and I dig it. There are pieces of flame sculpted throughout his arms, legs, back, and head giving him more of a flame-on look than the more solid versions seen before. 

Impy the Impossible Man is a very awesome pack-in. No complaints on his sculpt.

Thing is the FIFTH release of the character since his Marvel Legends debut but for the first time we are given a brand spankin' new sculpt! Before it was just a new head or paint job, but this time he's all new! Here's a THING that resembles the comic art a little better and is overall a better looking figure. The rockwork sculpt is amazing as it always is and I love the facial expression on this guy. 

Paint - ***
Alright, paint department took a break here because well, there really isn't anything special. But it's also not bad, so I can't get too hard on them.

With the Human Torch, there really is NO paint since the plastic is what sells this figure. Where he does have paint is in the eyes and the Fantastic Four logo on his chest. All is very clean but I do have to wonder about the black eye-liner around his eyes. 

Impy is pretty much Green and Purple but it's all nicely applied. 

Thing is decent but his Fantastic Four logo is a bit on the sloppy side. I also wish there was more work on his teeth. Them pearly whites look very plain compared to the rest of the detailed figure. Other than that, I think they did a great job again with the rock work. There's even some areas where the rock is chipped away, which is highlighted with darker paint.

Articulation - Thing *** 1/2; Human Torch & Impy ***
Aaaah, Thing is SO close to having a perfect score. But well... the joint that's missing in his upper torso would have taken away from the sculpt, so that would be a complaint depending on your preference. Me personally, I'd rather have more points of articulation to recreate all the poses created by the artists. But even without it, Thing is awesome. On my count he clocks in with 42 points of articulation. 

Whaa?? FORTY TWO? Yup! Well, Thing isn't the first figure to sport two joints on each of his fingers but I'm still impressed by it anyhow. Even without the extra finger joints, he'd still have about 36 anyway, which is quite impressive. I'm talking about double joints in his knees, ball joint hips, shoulders, neck, the works.

Human Torch sports a decent amount of articulation too but thanks to his action gimmick in both arms, there's probably like TEN points of articulation that is LOST. He still has about 24 points of articulation everywhere else which is decent enough, but not the most perfect Torch you'd want.

Impossible Man as a pack-in is great though with FOURTEEN points of articulation! That's more than most Star Wars figures!! Ball joint neck, shoulders, hips, and several other points here and there make Impy one of the best pack-in figures ever. (ok, H.E.R.B.I.E. is still my own personal favorite).

Accessories - Human Torch ***; Thing **
Human Torch gets high points for coming with Impy the Impossible Man, but he also comes with a flaming ball and a flaming uh... missile. As projectiles, they're ok but I could do without them really. 

Thing comes with an engine. 

Yup... that's all I'm gonna say about that. 

Action Feature - Thing ** 1/2; Human Torch **
Thing's title is "Thunder Launch" and I have no idea what that means. A button on Thing's back activates his thunder launching though. Both of his arms swing downwards. Place the engine accessory in his arms and he'll chuck it. I'm actually pretty impressed with the strength of his arm hurling. It's pretty good movement and the best part is, none of his articulation is affected by this feature. You can still pose him however you want.

Human Torch has two action features. One on the left arm, the other on the right. And thanks to that, both of his arms are complete stiffs. Insert the flaming missile into the left arm and you can fire it out. Put the fireball on his right hand, pull back, and he throws it. He still has shoulder articulation so not all is lost. Just a bit disappointing is all.

Fun Factor - ***1/2
I'd say that these toys are very fun. Thing is a big massive figure that can throw... engines. Torch can hurl fireballs and fire flaming missiles out of his hand. Impossible Man looks like he's rapping. Fun for every demo.

Value -  ***1/2
At $7.99, these figures are worth about every penny. Of course if they didn't have any action gimmicks at all, it would be a full four stars. Or if it were cheaper. These are only $1 more than a Star Wars figure so you do the math. 

Things to watch out for - 
Only thing would be paint. 

Overall - ***1/2
I like me my Marvel figures and I'm constantly trying to get the best lookin' version of the characters on my shelf. Both Human Torch and Thing here have replaced my previous versions so if you don't have Thing or Torch yet and do want them, pick these up. I mean, Impossible Man should be a no-brainer anyway. 

Oh and just a side note, Series 2 of the Fantastic Four will have newer versions of Thing and Torch. If Impossible Man isn't the main selling point, then perhaps waiting to see how those look would be the wiser thing to do. 

Score Recap:
Packaging: ***
Sculpting: *** 1/2
Paint: ***
Articulation: Thing *** 1/2; Human Torch & Impy ***
Accessories: Human Torch ***; Thing **
Action Feature: Thing ** 1/2; Human Torch **
Fun Factor: *** 1/2
Value: *** 1/2
Overall: *** 1/2

Where to buy
I have seen these at Toys'R'Us mostly for $7.99. I'm sure they'll eventually hit the Targets and Wal-Marts at some point. 


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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