12" Jawas and Garindan

Coheteboy returns tonight with a review of the latest 12" figures from Hasbro - Jawas and old snout boy, Garindan.  Take it away, Coheteboy!

The line of Twelve Inch Star Wars figures by Hasbro are usually a hit and miss, but here are a pair (or trio) of just released figures that might deserve a somewhat closer look. The latest assortment includes an updated Ben Kenobi, a Kubaz spy named Garindan and a pair of Jawas. Now since most Star Wars collectors don't need too much more than the images of the twelve inch figures, let's just plow right through this, shall we?

Packaging - ***
The updated SAGA gold stripe packaging is far better than last year's Saga boxes but there's still a lot of room for improvement. Gone are the production stills of the actual character except for on the background on the rear of the box. Images of the figures grace the side panels as the figures themselves are clearly visible through the bubble. On the plus side, the boxes return to their "box-like" glory.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I was actually impressed with the sculpt on Garindan. There's some intricate details that excels the figure a lot higher than many others. Here's a perfect example of a figure actually looking better out of the box than in. His cloak wraps around his head tightly in the packaging which looks a bit funny, but take it out and it looks great. 

The pair of Jawas also get a solid score for great sculpts as these are essentially large size action figures. And what's even better is that they're each a little different! The differences lie pretty much in everything when compared to the first release, and regardless of what you'd prefer, the sculpts on these Jawas are excellent.

Paint - ***
Paint aps are rather limited but what's there is solid. The only paint visible on Garindan is found on his mask. The paint is exactly where it needs to be and is very well applied, but there really isn't much here.

The Jawas being giant action figures required paint all over and there's not that much here either. Everything is done well including the "glowing" eyes and there is simulated sand sprayed on the lower portion of their robes. While all the figures are done decently, there's nothing pushing the boundaries here.

Articulation - ***
As any of you know, the articulation on the 12" figures are generally pretty good. Garindan is very much the same as what you're used to but without articulated hands, sadly. Now, the drawback of having a completely plastic jawa is that you can't hide the articulation underneath. Instead, the Jawas are as articulated as a basic Star Wars figure. Each Jawa has six points of articulation at the: neck, shoulders, waist, and rotating feet. Quite a disappointment but it's not horrible I suppose as the Jawas combined feature 12 points of articulation. 

Accessories - Garindan *** 1/2; Jawas **
If you count the wearable accessories, Garindan doesn't come out on top, especially with the large hooded cloak. Garindan's outfit is actually really nicely done no matter how simple it really is. The main thing is that it works and looks great. The real accessory of his is of course the comlink used to signal the sandtroopers to Docking bay 94. 

The Jawas, however, lack the cloth accessories but each come with their own weapon. One Jawa even features a holster to house his weapon, which is great, but that's it! 

Value - ***
These figures have been pretty much the same price since 1996 so I can't really complain. For $19.99, you basically get what you pay for... barely. 

Overall - ***
When it all comes down to it, the question really is if you like the character enough to make the buy. And of course the question is also how well the figure looks. With Garindan, this is a pretty well-rounded figure so if you're a fan of the random aliens, pick it up. He'll look great in the collection. 

The Jawas are a little more complicated since purists will prefer the original version with the cloath cloak. The plastic Jawas are great but they do look a little out of place with the rest of the cloth-wearing line. Why not give us the best of both worlds? Painted eyes with the cloth cloak over that would have made a great version of our favorite scavengers. In the end, this pair is still a great looking set, and if you're not a fan of the electronic light-up Jawa of old, these two new versions will be what you're looking for. 

Where to Buy:
I picked the two of these up at Toys'R'Us for $19.99 and I've seen them at few Wal-Mart stores for $24.99. Choose wisely.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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