Harry Potter's Wand
and Wand Stand

I've been picking up a number of prop replicas lately, in anticipation of remodeling my basement sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.  There will be a bar/entertainment area, and I plan on decorating it in movie memorabilia, with a variety of small and large props to complement the decor.

One of the small props I picked up recently is the Noble Collection replica of Harry Potter's wand, along with the wand stand the produce.  They do quite a number of the wizard wands, including Dumbledore, Snape, and even Voldemort, but I liked the design and style of Harry's the best.

Expect to see more prop replica reviews in the future, and if you have any suggestions for cool prop replicas, please let me know!

Packaging -  ***1/2
This score is based on the wand, not the stand.  The stand comes in a simple, plain white cardboard box, as you'd probably expect.

But the wands come in very nice boxes, certainly nice enough to include in your display as well.  The outside is a dark brown, with the top having a faux leather appearance.  On one end is a nifty old world style label, mimicing the style and appearance you'd expect from the story.

Inside the box is a soft velvet insert that cradles the wand.  Over this is a soft nylon material, giving the box a very high end, sophisticated appearance.

Sculpting - ****
Harry's wand looks just like it's film counterpart, at least from the screen captures I've checked out.  The sculpt is very detailed, and while the piece isn't actually wood - it appears to be some sort of light weight plastic - the sculpt makes it appear very much like actual wood.  The handle is a rough sculpted wood, with knots and grain.  As the sculpt moves up the wand, it becomes less rough, with the third section being completely smooth.

Scale is also quite good, and it is 14 inches long. It will feel about right in your hand, and certainly in the hand of a wannabee Harry.

The stand is constructed of glass, metal and wood.  The exterior frame is wood, and very nicely constructed, with no gaps or irregularities at the seams.  Inset within the wood is a mirror, emblazoned with the Harry Potter logo.  The mirrored surface is polished metal though, and can scratch a little too easily, so you'll want to take extra care.

There are two metal saddles that attach to the base with screws.  These hold the wand above the mirrored surface, and the overall appearance is really sharp.  While the lightening bolt shape might seem obvious, it's a good design nonetheless.  It's slightly shorter than the wand, at 13".

Paint - ***1/2
The paint mimics the appearance of wood and compliments the realism of the sculpt.  Highlights are a lighter brown, where wear and abuse would have worn them a lighter color, while crevasses and cuts are a darker brown.

The colors are also very sturdy, and unlikely to easily damage or mark with normal handling.  I wouldn't go banging this up against the wall, but it would be certainly be sturdy enough for general play and dressing up.

It's also very worth noting here that no where on the wand is there an annoying copyright marking.  That is very appreciated, as I have other prop replicas whose appearance is severely hurt by poorly place copyright markings.

Build Quality - ***1/2
Both the wand and stand are made with quality and consistency as a top priority.

As I mentioned earlier, the wand will withstand most basic play, and is unlikely to snap without a concerted effort.  The materials used in the stand are also quite nice, certainly better than what I expected for the price.

Value - ***1/2
Prop replicas tend to cost way too much.  This is often due to low production runs, and a market that's a little too resistant to gouging.

However, I was very impressed with the quality for the price here.  The wand runs around $30 from Noble direct, and is usually cheaper from them than from dealers.  The stand was even a better deal, at just $15.

Fun Factor - ***
Kids who are big fans of the film will enjoy this wand.  If you're just looking for a toy, I'd recommend sticking with the toy versions that came out a year or two ago.  But for children who have a collecting gene, and who appreciate the films and books, this would be the perfect gift.

Things to watch out for - 
There's not much to watch out for with the wand.  Obviously, children could poke each other in the eye with it if they aren't a little careful, but that's pretty much a given with anything.

However, you will want to be careful with the polished mirror surface of the stand.  If you rub it too hard, or with anything even slightly abrasive, it will scratch.

Overall -  ***1/2
I'm very impressed with my first purchase from Noble.  In fact, I hadn't really considered their other prop collectibles - and they have quite a few - until my experience with this wand and stand, but now I plan on adding several others to the planned bar decor.

Noble produces a number of other wands, some of them very interesting, and some less so.  They all match their movie counterparts extremely well.  They also have a number of other Harry Potter items, and fans of the movies and books should check out their selection.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Quality - ***1/2
Fun Factor - ***
Value - ***1/2
Overall -  ***1/2

Where to Buy -
You can find these at some online and brick and mortar stores, but I suggest checking Noble Collections' site.  They have a great price, and often beat their other retailers.  It will also give you the opportunity to see their full line.

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