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Regular and Post Transformation


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Jeff Parker joins us tonight with another terrific Hot Toys review from their Resident Evil line up.  Tell us all about it, Jeff!

A couple of weeks ago I gave my lowdown on the two Leons from this series. Now they were my favourites, but it has to be said the whole line up is pretty impressive. I’ve collected a lot of Hot Toys (HT) figures over the last few years, but these 2 Krausers are my first ‘muscle’ bodies. I’ve always been impressed by the way they look, but something had always come up from another license that I ’needed’ more.

So moving on, now I’ve rated the Resi 4 good guy in his two incarnations, how does his nemesis fare?
You can find out pretty much anything you want about Agent Krauser here, and a wealth of other stuff about the Resi series here. Thanks to Candeta for those links.

Packaging: ***1/2
This is identical to the packaging for Leon reviewed here. Except you obviously get images of the two Krauser figures on the back and the ‘Post Transformation’ sticker on the relevant box. So it’s a magnetically sealed wrap round front flap with a blister card inside the flap for accessories, opposite is the figure, fully dressed and constructed (in the case of regular Krauser), in their vac formed trays. I say ‘in the case of regular Krauser, as the transformed Krauser needs a little construction for his mutated blade arm.

So, two nice solid boxes, I like the magnetic seal, but have to say, as I did last time, I slightly prefer the Asian Biohazard 4 black packaging as opposed to the white Resident Evil 4 colourway.

Sculpt: Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/2
Regular Krauser has a pretty generic HT muscle body, but most of it is covered up by his outfit, his face looks very close to the character, as you can see from the link above. He has a slightly haunted look, and there’s some nice tight work on his scaring. His hair is worn slicked back (at first I thought it was a close crop, but the sculpting looks more like its oiled back). His hands are in fingerless leather gloves and are the same as those you get with Leon, but again this all looks game accurate.

Now ‘Post-Transformation’ Krauser, this is a whole different ball game, as even though he comes with a muscle body, it’s still a totally new sculpt because of the nature of the characters physique.

So from the waist up, his right arm is a basic ‘muscle’ arm, but his left is barely recognisable as an arm at all, it brings to mind Tetsuo’s hideously deformed arm in Akira, it has mutated into a large angry looking amalgamation of muscle, sinew, blood and metal blades, it is simply covered in alien looking features like articulated chitinous claws and large insect like pustules. As I said above many of these features have to be stuck on or slotted into place, but it’s all very simple as far as construction goes, for simple display everything stays in place fine, but if you like to re-pose on a regular basis a few drops of glue here and there might help out.

The deformed sinewy arm then blends into the torso, this is not a seamless transformation as the arm is made of solid sculpted plastic, where as the torso is the soft rubber of a ‘muscle’ body. But this is not just a re-used muscle body, it has been re sculpted especially on the left side, again to showcase Krausers exposed flesh and scaring. The head is the same sculpt as the regular Krauser, but because of his more extreme paint apps, it looks pretty different and whereas the regular version looked haunted, this guy looks plain evil.

Both also come with sculpted accessories but I’ll get to them later.

Paint: Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/2
Regular Krauser has very well carried out, but also reasonably minimal paint apps, his face has nice tight work on the eyes and fine delicate work on the scars covering his face, all this work is expertly done, but when viewed next to his transformed self, you see that that is even more impressive.

So we get the same head, but because of his facial markings, he looks even more sinister, this carries on down to the exposed mutated muscles on his chest and rear shoulder blade. The different textures and colours on the mutated arm are carried out well and do a great job of mimicking the way it looks in the game. The gloved hands are also painted as are many accessories, all are carried tightly with no mistakes or slop (on mine at least).

Articulation - Regular ***, Post Trans **3/4
Anyone who owns a HT muscle body will tell you that what you gain from the aesthetic of covered joints you lose in the range of articulation, it’s better to think of them as very articulated statues

Don’t misunderstand me though, you can still get some great poses, but if you’re used to the True-Type, RAH 301 or even the soon to be retired Art S Buck (PROMETHEUS is here. Rejoice) you’ll find that your pose options are slightly more restricted. From the waist down both are wearing long combat trousers so have normal legs with full articulation, but once you hit the waist you’ll notice that there is no movement in his stomach/trunk, limited articulation at the shoulders, reasonably good articulation on the muscle arms elbow, none on the mutated arms elbow as it’s a solid sculpt and a reasonable amount on the head and neck. But even with these limitations you’ll get some great natural looking poses out of them, just nothing too extreme.

Accessories: ***1/2
Regular has-

-Combat Knife + sheath
-Archery Bow (with working Cam wheels)
-Archery quiver (with belt attachment)
-Archery arrows x3
-Machine pistol (with removable clip)
-Flash Grenade
-Grenade x 3 units

-Belt pouches
-Seeker Robot (Crawling)
-Display stand with Resident Evil 4 logo and Krausers name

Post Trans has

-Combat Knife +sheath
-Machine pistol (with removable clip)
-Flash Grenade
-Grenade x 3 units
-Blade arm (with attachable extra blades and claws)

-Belt pouches
-Seeker Robot (Crawling)
-Display stand with Resident Evil 4 logo and Krausers name

So Krauser ain’t quite as packed out as Leon in the firepower department, but what you get is tailored specifically for this character.

The machine pistol is expertly crafted but it’s the working power bow and ‘crawler seeker bot’ that standout for me. The seeker has a poseable head/camera and the legs can twist at the ‘hip’ but sadly the ‘knees’ don’t bend. So though not as laden as Leon you still get a lot of nice pieces and he comes cheaper than Leon as well.

Outfit: Regular ***1/2, Post Trans ***
Like the Leons, the Krausers share some common elements, They have the same sculpted boots, knee pads, webbing belt and combat trousers with working pockets. That’s it for ‘Trans’ Krauser, but for the regular we also get a skin tight black T, a webbing harness (for pouches and ammo) and a military style beret.

All these garment fit perfectly. To attach the sheath, pouches and in the case of reg Krauser the quiver you’ll need to half take the belt off. I completely removed the buckle on one side and slid the rest of the belt back through the trouser loops, I then slotted on the various accessories and threaded it all back, a fiddly job but satisfying.

Fun Factor: ***1/4
These still pose well even with the limitations of the muscle bod, but nowhere near as well as the True-Type so for me the Leons ‘just’ pip this guy at the post. But if you’re a’ Resi’ fan looking for an impressive shelf/cabinet display you can’t go wrong with these.

Value: Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/4
Both Krausers are available on pre-order from SST @ $134.99 each, not cheap, but for that price I’m especially impressed with the custom modified muscle body you get on Post Transformation Krauser.

But to be fair regular almost pulls it back with his webbing harness and power bow so they almost level peg on scores for me, but the extra nine yards HT went on ‘Post Trans’ body just has to be recognised.

Overall: ***1/4
Two very well constructed and solid figures, that could stand up to a lot of play if your kids are rich enough to spend over $120 on figures to play with…thought not.
Like I said above, these are really only going to end up in the hands of hard core gamers or 1/6th fanatics like myself, and I think both groups will be very happy with the level of detail and quality.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/2
Paint - Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/2
Articulation - Regular ***, Post Trans **3/4
Accessories - ***1/2
Outfit - Regular ***1/2, Post Trans ***
Fun Factor - ***1/4
Value - Regular ***, Post Trans ***1/4
Overall - ***1/4

Where to buy-
Side Show Toys is still the official US importer on these and they have them on pre-order for -
Regular- $134.99
Transformed- $134.99

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Post trans- $121.50

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Figure from the collection of Jeff Parker.

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