Cy Girl Nikki

bbi has finally released a new series of the very popular Cy Girls series. This time there are three figures in the set - Ebony, who looks a lot more like Pretty Woman than Alias; Aurora, the space cop; and Nikki, the motorcycle mama.

Each continue with the original Cy Girl body, but we have some new accessories here.  There are also more accessories this time, and all three designs are very distinct.

These are just now showing up - I haven't seen a source for Aurora yet - and this review is for Nikki.  Retail price is between $25 and $30 at most stores.

Packaging - **
I've been a little disappointed in the packaging on my recent bbi purchases.  Here again they've taken a step back.

The box is sturdy, and the graphics are decent, but the front and back are identical, and the interior of the flap fairly plain.  There's very little text here, although they do give you the roughest of ideas of who the three girls are on the spine.

These could have been very collector friendly, except for one point.  They didn't use ANY twisty ties - yay!  Everything in the tray comes out easily, and there isn't even any tape on either end of the box.

But the gear on the inside flap is bubbled to the flap itself, meaning just like a carded figure, you'll have to tear up the flap to remove them.

Another item that I'd like to see with figures like this with more complicated weapons and outfits - how about some instructions on putting things together?  Her weapons come in several pieces, and there's no explanation on the small pegs (which I figured out for myself).

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting here is very nice.  While her face isn't particularly difficult or unique, it's better than a Barbie, but still attractive with no snarling or constipation in her demeanor. 

The rooted hair works well again, and unlike the pictures which show her as a brunette, she's actually a blonde with VERY long hair.  Unfortunately you can't easily tuck all that hair up under the helmet, but it still looks pretty good running down her back.

Uniform - ***
The uniform uses a pleather material, similar to the Famous Cover modern Wolverine or Storm figures.  It stretches fairly well, and it's heavier than the material used on figures like A.J.  It is a bit stiff though, which might make some poses a little more difficult.

The stitching is good, and the overall construction solid.  The outfit is removable with some work, since the feet are still the boot feet that have to be unscrewed.

There's also a belt, with a Cy Girl insignia and 'Born to be wild' written on the buckle.  It's a basic outfit, but decent.

Accessories - **1/2
How could so many cool looking accessories get such a low score?  Well, it's not because of numbers - Nikki has plenty of extras.

First there's the two required weapons, this time a CGG-TA1 Maggy Hammer revolver, and a GG-SMG-2 Viper-583 automatic rifle.  Both guns sport great sculpts, and futuristic designs.  There's a scope that fits on the top of the Maggy Hammer, and the cylinder also turns.  The Viper comes with two clips, and there's a space on the fold out stock to hold the second clip.  That's a particularly nice feature!

Nikki also comes with her motorcyle helmet, that includes a removable chin guard, a smoked face plate and a silver sun guard.  The construction on the helmet is excellent, and it's got the heft and feel that you expect from a quality accessory of this size.  There's a pretty worthless chin strap however, that you'll not use and may consider snipping off completely.

Nikki has a pair of silver sun glasses, just like the other Cy Girls, and a holster that fits well and holds the Maggy Hammer without any trouble.  She also has the requisite ID card, and three, yes, count them, three extra sets of hands.

One set is open, wearing full motorcyle gloves.  That's the set I prefer, and which you see in the photos.  The other three sets are fingerless gloves, one set open, one set closed, and one set in a traditional 'chop' hand pose. They all pop on and off fairly well, and have very sturdy posts.

The final extra is a set of four silver 'pins'.  These pins are actually replacements for the pins that hold the face plates and chin guard on the helmet, on the off chance that you break them.

So why only three stars with so many accessories?  The first big reason - I had to get the super glue out too soon after getting her out of the box.

The back half of the Maggy Hammer, the stock and cylinder, look like they are supposed to come free from the front half.  However, the connection was so loose that I couldn't keep them together at all, and had to super glue them together.  Also, be careful with the small rectangles on the bottom of the front half of the Maggy - they slide off and are easy to lose!

As I said, my favorite hands are the full gloved ones, but oddly the thumbs on these gloves are a separate piece, glued on at the factory.  Just trying to get the guns into her hands I popped one of the thumbs off immediately, and had to glue that back on as well.

Now let's talk about the helmet.  It looks excellent!  But there's a reason that none of the web sites selling Nikki show her wearing it - using it takes a ton of effort.

It's a tremendously tight fit, and I had to experiment to find the best way to get it on her without damaging her.  First, remove the chin guard and face plate (or sun guard if that's what you're using).  Be careful not to break the pins - I suspect that's why you get extras.

Then, remove her big silver earrings.  There's no way you'll get the helmet on with those still in, but fortunately they seem to come out pretty easy.  I have no idea how easy they'll go back in.

Finally, squeeze poor Nikki's head together from the sides, and force the helmet on from the back.  *whew*  It's a tight fit, but it does look good once you're done.  I probably wouldn't have minded the effort to get the helmet on if I'd had some instructions from the manufacturer, but since I had to figure it out for myself, it was far more annoying.

Articulation - ***
If you've purchased a Cy Girl before, you won't get any surprises.  These figures aren't as articulated as the male bbi figures - there are no cut joints on the biceps or thighs, and no double joints at the knees or elbows - but even with the more basic articulation they are the best female bodies on the market.

The have more heft than most of the other current female bodies, and they hold poses extremely well.  Sure, I wouldn't complain if they'd go the extra mile and add the cut joints and double joints, but I'm still quite happy with these.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops on Nikki's face is very good, and the few other details on the weapons and hands are nicely done as well.

Value - ***
That depends on where you buy it of course!  $25 is a good price right now for a nice quality sixth scale figure, and at that price it's a three star value or slightly better.  If you pay $30 or more, the value obviously drops some.  If I hadn't broke out the super glue right out of the box, the value would have been higher as well.

Overall - ***
The problems with Nikki's accessories ended up hurting an otherwise excellent looking figure.  Now that she's all together, and hopefully nothing else breaks, I'm very pleased with her.  I'll also be picking up Aurora, and I still think bbi has a great series here.  With just a little more effort and attention to detail, I think they'd be perfect.

Now to find a cool, black crotch rocket for her to ride...

Where to Buy - 
Most of the on-line store are advertising her now.

- Atlantic Toys has the best price I've found at $24.95.  That's where I picked mine up.

- War Toys has her for close to that at $26.95.

- Small Blue Planet is always reliable, but is slightly higer at $29.99 plus shipping.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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