Batman Begins Batmobile


The official street date for most of the Batman Begins product is still a month away, but Jonathan in the U.K. came across the new Batmobile, and sent along a terrific review pronto, zippo.  Tell us all about it!

Packaging - ****
This is a very appealing box. It has nice colours which really make the car inside stand out, but it also has a HUGE window which wraps up around the top so you can view the product. At the top there is also a slot which says action, where you can press 2 of the 3 buttons (one is covered up, because it releases the torpedoes) the car has, but on to those later. Also on the back of the box there are more pictures showing the functions of the car, and on the bottom there are pictures of some of the figures available.

Sculpt/Modeling - ***1/2
The shape first off obviously is a very accurate design, Mattel here have done a flipping amazing job, and its a very good scale, it just looks stunning! I do have one or to problems however, which is why this is not again a perfect 10. The front wheels, they don't turn, I know in the film the axel itself moves, but some mobility here would have been nice. Also the fins at the back are made of soft-ish rubber, however as I am writing this I realise if they were made of hard plastic they would perhaps be very fragile, so what am I talking about.

Also the buttons on the top do not really stand out from the shape when running my hand over the top they seem 1 or 2 mm raised, but obviously they need to be because they are buttons. The sculpting and mechanism of the missile launchers where they come out of the side is also very good, it looks frigging amazing when they come out!

The cockpit is one of the best surprises I had when opening this bad boy, the front opens up to revel a lovely looking home for a batman figure, the level of detail inside is actually quite good, the control levers move up and down and there are little "screens" and "controls" around him. I just canít wait to put bats in.
The tyres are made of rubber, around a solid plastic wheel. The perfect mix for wheels on a toy car, and a wonderful way to wrap up a near perfect model.

Paint - **1/2
The wheels are all black, which definitely fits in with the colour scheme of the car. The action feature buttons, both on the top of the car and the missile launchers are bright scarlet red, and I wonder could they not have been black perhaps??? Just to blend in a tad, I understand kids like bright colours, but surely kids like batman more? 

The missile launchers are striking metallic silver, and at first, this seemed like an extremely odd choice to me, but as I look at it again, and again and again....I really think it works well.

Now here is what most people have been complaining about, the overall body colour. And I am sad to say.......its purple, when I first opened her I thought it was all over black, that simply the prototype pictures were wrong, but then I was sat down and a big stream of light came in, since then its been purple, but although I would have preferred the black, I think the purple to black fade throughout works in someway, but I just wonder why not black???

Here and there are also some silver "scratches" of paint, obviously trying to give it a battle worn look, which mostly it does, these silver parts look better every time I look, and they are also used to highlight some turbine looking things, which really highlights the quality of this overall superb paint job, just shy of being an amazing one.

Action Feature and Playability - ***1/2
The three buttons here all have unique action features. The first on the left makes to lights at the front light up red and then make a sort of "firing" noise, which I can tell you scares the crap of a dog at least.

The one on the right makes it make a driving and skidding noise similar to that of the recent "The Batman" Batmobile, and the booster at the back of the Tumbler lights up.

The middle button, of course the best, makes to torpedo launchers come out of the side, which very much reminded me of the old Kenner BTAS-mobile when the Batwing came out of the back.

There is lots of fun to have here, including putting your Batman figure in the cockpit driving round, making noise and shooting any household pets, surely one of the most enjoyable car toys I have bought recently.

Value - ***
I paid £30, and I guess it is going to be somewhere in the region of $40. I think that is a tad too high, perhaps $5 less would have put it up to a better score, but it is expensive for a toy at this end of the scale. So there it would get a **.

However, as I got this a month early I think the value seems better compare to what some are paying on eBay and so it gets bumped up to an ***.

Overall - ***1/2
This is an exceptional toy, I think it is much better than the Batmobile which we got for the last 2 movies, and just comparing them shows how different this movie will be compared to all previous Bat-films.

As a toy its is sheer brilliance, fun, exciting and cool, as a collectible it still stands up in my book as perhaps the 2nd best Batmobile TOY produced, maybe even the best (behind only the BTAS one).

Figure from the collection of Jonathan.

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