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Mapooo is back tonight, with a cool review of a nifty AT-AT - tell us all about it, Mapoo!

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Today I will be taking a look at the AT-AT, or to give it its full name Star Wars Miniatures AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack from the star Wars Miniatures game. Now I have to admit, the actual game itself doesnít draw me in. The miniatures look nice, and I have picked up a few of them now and again, but I have never really wanted to play the game, so I havenít really paid too much attention to this line. That was until I came into work one day and my boss showed me some of the pre-orders he had put in, as soon as I saw this monster I knew it would be mine, and being released the day after my birthday, money should have been on my side. Unfortunately though, things conspired against me, and I was broke, it looked as though my life would be devoid of AT-AT fun.

That was until Christmas I saw a very AT-AT shaped box sitting under my tree, and so without further ado I give you one Colossal AT-AT ďminiatureĒ.

Packaging - ***
Our AT-AT comes in a very large box, with windows on the front and top. So you can the whole thing very nicely. One problem though is that this can lead to it being a little fragile on the top front corner, but itís not too much to worry about. The box itself is a very nice light blue, and this comes across very well, especially when itís next to a vast array of other Star Wars products all in their decorated in the traditional dark blacks and blues. What I especially like though are the images from the battle of Hoth that are used in the background of the inside of the box.

When you actually get round to taking him out of the box you should have any difficulties. The AT_AT is secured onto the cardboard Hoth background/insert with only a few twist ties a wee bit of sticky tape.

Sculpting - ***
Now Iím not a huge knowledge on the Star Wars universe, but to my untrained eye, this AT-AT is pretty darn good. I wonít say perfect, but it very, very good. There is a whole load of small detail work on this thing; every panel, joint and section of circuitry is picked out very nicely. There are three areas where this is most evident, its head, its leg and what can only be called its arse. The most striking thing about it though, is obviously its size, now itís not big enough to compare it to the normal Star wars figures, but compare it to the troops in Star Wars Miniatures and it come in at 72 times bigger. I have included a few pictures so you can try and get a scale comparison. I think this is a time when the term miniature, is used very lightly indeed.

All this adds up to make a very nice piece to either compliment your Star Wars miniatures army or simply to display on your shelf, just like me.

Paint - **1/2
There isnít call for much paint here, an AT-AT is basically a mass of grey after all, but what is done is done very nicely, and adds a whole lot to the piece. The only real paint applications are the numerous sections where a darker grey has been applied to show how wore and damaged the AT-At has become, also most of the lines where two sections meet are also picked out to give extra definition to the model as a whole.

Articulation - N/A
Iím not going to give a score in this section, mainly because this guy was never meant to have any movement, so to mark him at all in this department would be unfair. I bring it up because I think a trick was missed, it would have been so simple to put some kind of movement in at the next, and that would have added a whole load of simple yet effective fun to the AT-AT. But alas, no movement do we get.

Accessories - **
Not much to mention here, and what we do get arenít accessories per say, if you intend to play the game they are necessities. A double sided, fold-out battle grid depicting the Hoth combat zone, stat-card, counters and rules/scenario book are all included. Not much help to me I admit, but for anyone who plays the Star Wars Miniatures game, your live with an AT-AT would be useless without them. I think I would have been a little happier with a couple of the normal sized miniatures being thrown in, are a few Snow Troopers too much to ask for?

Value -  **1/2
This guy costs £35, and I donít think thatís too bad. You get a very nice limited edition model, which most importantly looks very cool. That doesnít, however, stop me thinking that a few extra miniatures thrown in for good measure wouldnít have sweetened the deal.

Overall - ***
This guy is really cool, whether you play the game or not, itís a must have for any Star Wars fan. The level of detail and quality on the model is highly impressive, and there arenít any real reasons why I canít recommend you all go and buy one now.

Oh and he also makes a good horse for Spiderman (see photos).

Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ***
Paint - **1/2
Articulation - N/A
Accessories - **
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***

Figure from the collection of Mapooo.

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