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Mr. Chris steps in tonight with a great review of a very cool statue - take it away, Chris!

Several months ago I came across the pre-order for the Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse 1/6 PVC Statue, by Gecco. Although I knew nothing of the company, I always wanted a good figure or statue of her and the price seemed right so I placed an order. They were sold either individually, or in a three pack. The statues in the three pack are the same as the individual release, however since the bases interlock and the weapon can be held in either hand, you could display them as a diorama.

At the time there was also a pre order for a Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing 1/6 PVC Statue, but I passed on that.

I ordered mine from a Japanese website and they received their shipment the last week of February. Thanks to EMS shipping, I received mine by the end of the month.

Packaging - ***1/2
Since I ordered the three pack, they came in a fairly plain white “mailer”, which is the only different thing you get by ordering the three pack. The box that the nurse comes in is very nice. There is a nine pane window in the front with artwork of the nurse. The back has a gorgeous rendition of the nurse, which is not directly the basis for the statue. I would have loved it if a print of this was included. The side panels provide information of the product, the sculptor, Shin Tanabe, the painter, Yoshinori Yatake, package designer, photographer, and others.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpting is superb. Her body is twisted and contorted as they are in the game. The folds in the outfit, shoes and gloves look very realistic. She is wearing her standard outfit, shoes, dress with nametag, hat and gloves, all of which are grimy and highlighted with blood. The gloves are painted with a glossy paint and it really makes them pop. She is the perfect mix of sexy and horrifying!

Excluding the base, she stands at 9 ”, however if you take into account her twisted body, she does measure approximately 12” if you try and determine her height if she was standing erect.

Paint - ****
The painting job on this is top notch. The color of the outfit and hat match while the shoes are a slightly darker color. As mentioned in the prior section, the glossy paint on the gloves gives that authentic latex look. The paint job on the nurse’s body, however, is the real winner here. The color variations, veins and highlights are just amazing. I marvel at how they could have done this on a production piece. The base also is done up very nice, with reddish footprints seemingly on a dusty surface.

Articulation - N/A
It's a statue - no articulation.

Accessories - ***1/2
The nurse comes with two sets of gloved hands, so she can be posed with the pipe in either hand or neither. She comes with one weapon, a pipe, as well as a nice base. Additionally three clips are included so you can affix multiple bases together when displaying more than one.

Also included is a “trading card” of the rear box art.

Fun Factor - ***
I’m not sure if one can consider displaying a statue as fun, but it displays very well, and they get extra points for making interlocking bases.

Value - ****
At a time where companies are stretching the limits of what they can charge for a statue, this one coming in in the $100 price range is welcomed. At the time of order, I only knew of overseas sellers, so I had to pay for overseas shipping, but you should be able to save on that by buying it domestically. It was offered as ‘Limited Edition’, but I have no information on exactly how limited it may be.

Things to Watch Out For -

Overall - ***1/2
If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, or the horror genre, then you should be pleased with this offering.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - ****
Articulation – N/A
Accessories - ***1/2
Fun Factor - ***
Value - ****
Overall - ***1/2

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