Oz - Entertainment Earth Exclusive
Posted 03/12/01
Overall score - *
** out of ****

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Here's the second MAC figure review in a row!  I've already reviewed the three new figures - Oz, Giles and Buffy - from the second series of BTVS at Michael's Review of the Week, but I thought I'd add in this review of the Entertainment Exclusive Oz.

This figure is, as I stated, exclusive (at least for the time being) to the online store Entertainment Earth.  The cost is $14.99, and the figure is identical to the normal Oz, except for his snazzy EE t-shirt.  I suspect you'll be able to pick these up from MAC directly as well.

Packaging - ***
As bubble packs go, these are very nice.  The graphics are attractive, and specific to the figure, always an added plus.  The rest of the series is pictured on the back as well.  However, it says this is a t-shirt design by Seth Green, and I believe that is actually the design used on the normal figure.  I have a hard time believing he was involved in this particular exclusive.  There is an added sticker to the bottom right corner of the bubble mentioning that it is an EE exclusive.

Sculpt - ***
Of the three new figures, the sculpt on Oz is the weakest.  It's not a terrible sculpt, but comparing it to the Mcfarlane Seth Green sculpt, you can tell the difference.  They didn't quite capture his likeness here, but it's close.

The sculpting on the body and accessories is very good though, and really adds to the figure.

Value - **
Value is a tough one here.  If you consider that the normal Oz is around $12, $15 for this figure as an exclusive isn't bad.  But across the board, the MAC figures are at least four bucks more than they should be.

Paint - ***
The paint ops on this figure - and the entire new series - seems pretty good.  The flesh tones are clean, and there doesn't appear to be problems with over spray.  In particular the eyes are very well done, and the black fingernails on Seth are a great touch.

The hair color and pants color are also different on this figure than the standard one.  His darker hair here perhaps makes him look less like his character on Buffy - I think the standard version is a better likeness.

Articulation - ***
Obviously, someone at MAC listened to the complaints on the first series about the poor articulation.  Unfortunately, adding more points doesn't necessarily translate into better poseability

Oz has neck, shoulder, elbow, hips, and knees.  They added cut joints at the biceps, wrists and mid-thigh.  The addition of the wrist joints is great, and the bicep cut joint is useful, but the leg cut joints are pretty much worthless.

Accessories - ***1/2
The very nicest thing about Oz is the accessories.  His guitar and amp are terrific, and he also comes with an extra set of hands.  That way he can hold the guitar, or one of the cross bows that also come with him.

He also comes with a very cool display stand, complete with chain and tombstone.  The stands with all three figures are very nicely done, and the only way they could have improved on this was having them interlock to form a single base.

Overall - ***
I'm not thrilled with the 10 million exclusive variations we get on figures from MAC - I'd much prefer if they did a greater range of figures.  At least some of them, like Fiesta Giles, are unique and cool.  But Oz in a EE t-shirt?  This version is about the same as the normal - pick up the one you like best.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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