X-Men Classics Archangel

Coheteboy loves dem X-men - he's back tonight with a review of Archangel.  It's all yours, Coheteboy!

Why is it that the figure you wanted most is the figure that is shortpacked and thus the hardest one to find? That was certainly the case with the ARCHANGEL, otherwise known as Warren Kenneth Worthington III. This isn't the original incarnation of the character that many fans are seeking but it is the later X-Men version with metallic wings. This figure isn't without its faults but is a pretty awesome figure and the best toy version of the character ever made. There's still no official word on the future of the X-Men Classics series as of this writing, but from what I hear it doesn't look good. The rest of this wave is far easier to find and includes: Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops, and Wolverine with Sentinel Attack Action.

Packaging - **1/2
What you see is basically what you get in this standard card/bubble combo. It's pretty standard and decent overall. Contents are clearly presented and the card back provides necessary instructions for the accessories as well as photos of the rest of the line. It works but is too generic for my tastes. I'm a little harsher in this review than previous but it's because there are so many ways to improve the packaging that I can't possibly give it three stars any longer. 

Sculpting - ***
Early photographs of this toy concerned me. Archangel looked like a goon. Suprisingly though, he looks much better in person out of the packaging. It's still far from perfect but pretty solid. Archangel has a stern expression with a cold piercing gaze. The body used is like Cyclops: much too thin. I suppose I've adapted too easily to the style of the comic book artists but I think many others would agree that he's a bit thin. But then again, he's supposed to be a 150lb man (yes, even with his wings) so I can't complain too much. Overall I'm pretty happy with the sculpt of this figure but I think the face could have been a little better. 

Paint - ***
I'm really not sure what's going on with the X-Men Classics but they definitely haven't been on par with the Marvel Legends on the quality. The paint on Archy here is GOOD but could be better (I sound like a broken record, don't I?). As far as the head goes, it's the best this figure has to offer. The face is done well and what I most is the black outlines around the designs of his outfit. The rest of the body however lacks the black outlining that would make this figure THAT much more dynamic. Right now Archangel looks a little flat with just the two colors of his uniform. Black outlines would vastly improve the overall appearance of this figure. It's not essential, but it would help. 

Articulation - ***1/2
Even though the bar was raised by Toy Biz with some figures having 46 points of articulation, I really can't expect every single figure to have the same level of attention. With 36 points of articulation, Archangel is pretty set to do his thing. The points are all pretty much standard these days, including the recent ball jointed hip/leg articulation joints. And good news for me, since Archangel has the articulation to look up! 

There are drawbacks to be sure, and that is the weight of the wings (when completely opened) cause Archangel's knees to let go. But that's something to further discuss in the next category.

Accessories/Action Feature - ***1/2
The accessories for Archangel are 90% essential, 10% completely pointless. The essential are of course the wings, with approximately 18" wingspan. Yes, very impressive indeed! The "metallic" wings plug into a hole on the back of the figure and stay on nicely. The plug is articulated to allow the wings to tilt forwards or backwards and there are also two more points on the wings to allow them to fold out and in. You can't recreate everything you see in the comic books with these wings but it's still pretty cool. 

Some problems with the wings would be the weight of it all. When the wings are closed, they actually help Archangel remain standing, but definitely take up a lot of space in the process. When folded out, Archangel cannot stand for the life of him. The plastic used for these wings are the softer type but that leads to warping and bending every which way from the weight. Of course if you hang Archangel by strings, he's a fantastic looking toy. 

Now for the completely pointless aspect of Archangel's wings: the firing missile launcher. Let me first just get it out in the open that these are very very cool missile launchers from a toy standpoint. From an accuracy standpoint, I don't recall him ever having missile launchers in his wings! If he did, someone please correct me. Archangel includes two missiles to launch, but these aren't your typical plastic missile launchers. These are more like party favors with plastic tips! It's a bit hard for me to explain but the tails of the missiles are thin plastic springs. When the missiles are installed, the springs are squeezed down and when released, WATCH OUT! These puppies are powerful. The release mechanism is pretty simple but the springs unleashed are something to be careful with. 

So other than the fact that these missile launchers aren't really part of the character, it's pretty awesome as a toy. 

Value - ****
For the price of $6.99, you get a super articulated characters with massive wings and powerful missiles to wreak havoc on any house cat, I think it's an amazing deal. 

Overall - ***1/2
Of all the X-Men Classics, Archangel is definitely the one to hunt for. It's a great looking figure with super articulation and impressive wings. Paint can be improved but it's not horrible. If I had my way, I would do away with the missile launcher completely, which many people have already done by soaking it in hot water and all that. I can't get myself to do that to my toys and it's pretty cool nonetheless. If you're a fan of the X-Men, don't let this one fly away! (sorry, that was really cheesy.)

Where to Buy - 
I've seen the X-Men Classics the most at Toys'R'Us for $6.99, though they have always made appearances at Target and Wal-Mart as well. This one was found by a friend from one of those three stores, so have good toy hunting!


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