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Tonight we have a new guest reviewer - Prestorjohn from the U.K.  He's here with a great guest review of a tough to find Hulk Classics figure, Abomination!  This figure has been a bit hard so far for American collectors to find, but I suspect we'll see them start showing up in slightly greater numbers soon.  If not, you better call your friends in the U.K.!  Enough of my prattle - it's all yours, John!

Packaging - ***
Toy biz has decided to release the Hulk classics in the slightly cheaper blister packaging rather than Marvel Legends style clamshell packs. Most fans seem to favour the clamshell design; I seem to be in the minority in preferring this style. The main reason for this is that with careful opening of the pack figures can be reinserted into the packaging at a later date, and look almost ‘mint on card’.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting of the Abomination is very true to the comic character, and overall the look is very good. I do have a couple of complaints though. Firstly he is a little out of scale. In the Marvel Directory the Abomination is listed as being 6’8” tall, that aspect of scale is not far off, it’s in the lack of bulk that this figure suffers. Most drawings I have seen of this character show him as roughly the same size as the Hulk himself. Joe Fixit sized in fact. The second complaint is that the Abomination wears blue shorts to cover his modesty just as the Thing does. The sculptor in this instance has chosen to continue the body scaling to cover this area, indicating that the Abomination is lacking in a certain area. No wonder he looks so angry!

Paint - ***
Not much to say hear the body was made in green plastic and the paint work is fairly minimal. The stone like lumps on the Abominations back legs and arms are painted with accuracy in a greeny black no bleeding is visible on my figure but one or two of the lumps have been missed by the brush and not painted. A brown wash has been used on a few places to add depth.

Articulation - ***1/2
Articulation is as you would expect very good. The Abomination has the best hands of any Legends type figure made in my opinion, he is the only figure I have seen that can make a perfect fist although the method used for this does slightly inhibit him holding certain things. Articulation has compromised the sculpting in the waist area though. The gap between joints is unfortunately very noticeable. 

Accessories - *
The Abomination comes with a fairly pointless looking rocket type thing that is meant to fall apart when his action feature is used. It’s better than nothing I suppose.

Action Feature
The Abomination has what is called a ‘Thunderclap action’. What is supposed to happen is that you press the ugly button on his back and this makes his arms swing together in a clapping motion. The force of this clap is meant to make the rocket fall apart. The reality is that the arms move towards each other about half an inch, in a twitching fashion. I think the rocket is more likely to fall apart laughing rather than because of the thunderclap. 

Value - ***
If you are in the UK Woolworth’s are selling them two for one at the moment. That means they are only costing us Brits £4.00 each. This is what it must feel like to be an American collector! On the other hand our brothers across the pond are facing the same problems that we normally do, paying through the nose on ebay. Prices in the USA seem to be about $80.00 at present.

Overall - *** (regular price) ** (eBay prices)
The Abomination is a very good figure, not a great one though its few faults and hideous action feature prevent it from achieving toy figure greatness. I am however very happy to add him to my collection.

Figures from the collection of Prestorjohn.

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