Hulk Classics
Smart Hulk and Joe Fix-it

To go along with Presterjohn's review of Abomination, Coheteboy steps in with a guest review of two other series one Hulk Classics - Smart Hulk and Joe Fixit.  Take it away, Coheteboy!

You all got a sneak peak at the Mecha Hulk from series 2, but there's still a lot of people out there who have yet to find Series 1 of the Hulk Classics in the stores! We have already taken a look at the Super Poseable Savage Hulk and Abomination is still to come, but here's a closer look at Joe Fixit Hulk and Smart Hulk to tie you all over.

Packaging - **1/2
The more I look at these, the more I think about the possibilities. Don't get me wrong, the toy looks great in the packaging, but what I'm looking for are descriptions of the character we're buying. To be frank, I believe there is only a small percentage of kids out there that know what the heck these Hulks are. Heck, there are a ton of us comic fans who have never heard of Fixit or Smart Hulk before picking up the visual guide book released last year. Not that these toys are sitting, but I think it would make it that much stronger if there was an insert that detailed the character and his origin. But getting to the actual packagin, it's just your standard card and bubble with specs on the rear of the blister. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
According to all the images I've seen on both these Hulks, I have to say that Toy Biz done a pretty bang-up job on these incarnations. For once, we have Hulk figures without ripped up clothes! Actually, Smart Hulk is the only one bearing that title since Joe Fixit is sculpted with ripped sleeves and a beat up vest. Everything about Fixit is really well done. The head sculpt of the gray version of Hulk is excellent and the details in his outfit (holes, rips, buttons, loosened tie, etc) are icing on the cake. 

Smart Hulk, just like Fixit, is 100% brand new, and nicely sculpted. We're given a pretty serious expression and far from the raging Hulk expressions that we're used to. Smarty is a little more plain, but you can't go wrong with a tanktop and slacks...and nice shoes! Smart Hulk is actually Metrosexual Hulk!

Paint - Joe Fixit: *** 1/2; Smart Hulk: ***
Toy Biz paint is pretty simple in general, which basically describes Smart Hulk's paint, and that is why he has a score of 3 stars. But simple does not necessarily mean bad because the paint applications here are all well applied and very clean. Smartie basically has few colors to go with so he gets an average score. Joe Fixit however scores far better because of smaller details. Details such as the pinstripes on his slacks! The extra detail on his belt buckle, his shoes, vest and tie... all great! 

Articulation - ****
As always, you just can't beat the amount of articulation put into these Marvel figures. Joe Fixit has a whopping 41 points of articulation and Smart Hulk has 42 points. That's far too many points for me to go into detail, but it's definitely enough to make these figures worth every penny!

Accessories - ***1/2
Both figures here have pretty good accessories. Although Joe Fixit has it a little better, they still give them the same solid score. Let's start with Joe Fixit, who has two items that are clothing and a tommy gun. The hat has some nice detail painted on and fits nicely on Joe's head. No worries about the hat blowing away here for it stays put. The trenchcoat is very nice and is more vinyl than leather or cloth. Very awesome.

Smart Hulk comes with his Gamma Sound Weapon with ammo, and a pair of removable glasses. As always, be careful with the glasses as they can be lost easily. He looks better without the rubber band, but I'm leaving mine on for safe keeping. Both weapons have pegs to plug into each Hulk's left hand for safe keeping. This is a rather genius idea since these weapons are too clunky for the toys to hold on their own. 

Action Feature - **1/2
Not that these figures need an action gimmick, we are given one for each toy nonetheless. These gimmicks fortunately don't do too much harm, but are defintiely unnecessary. The Smart Hulk's gimmick is great because it doesn't have anything to do with the figure itself. The Gamma gun makes sounds when a button is pressed. Simple and unneeded. 

Joe Fixit's action gimmick is part of the figure. On the back of the figure, a peg can be found. Push down on it, and his arms raise up. Fortunately for us, we can adjust the arms so it's not too bad. But as I said before, it's unnecessary. I rather my Hulk be able to have his arms positioned up instead of relying on the action feature. 

Value - ***1/2
Selling at approximately $6.99, these toys are a real bargain. Great sculpt, loads of articulation, and a whole lot more. Not to forget that these are HUGE figures! You're definitely getting your money's worth. Just think that years ago we were buying Episode 1 figures for the same price! 

Overall - ***1/2
Despite the action features, these are superb action figures and I cannot recommend these higher. This is a Hulk fan's dream to have a variety of Hulk figures and all of them are excellent. 

Where to Buy - 
These have been found in different locations including Target and Wal-Mart. They're also popping up at KB Toys lately.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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