DC Direct Ares, Cheetah and Artemis
Posted 03/16/01
Overall score - **
*1/2 out of ****

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DC Direct continues to give us classic villains and heroes from their many comics.  Three more came out this week - Ares, Artemis and Cheetah.  This set is billed as "amazons and adversaries" and these three will go very nicely with the DC Direct Wonder Woman.

These were selling for $14.95 at Stadium Comics - your mileage will vary.  There are plenty of online stores that have these available as well as your local comic shop.

Packaging - ***
Decent bubble packaging with nice art and good copy.  The other figures are pictured, and I like that each release put out has some sort of 'theme'.

Sculpt - ****
All three of these figures really highlight DC Direct's sculpting work.  All the face sculpts are excellent, bodies and accessories extremely well done.

Both Ares and Artemis are great, but Cheetah really caught my eye.  Great sculpting all the way around on this figure, and easily the pick of the litter.

Value - ***
Now that we are getting a couple decent accessories and consistently better articulation, the value is definitely increasing.  It's not up to fifteen bucks yet, but these are certainly worth 10-12, and you won't feel too bad giving $15 for them.

Paint - ****
Fantastic paint ops make the fantastic sculpts even more fantastic.  Could I find another opportunity to say fantastic?  The detail work on both Cheetah and Artemis' face is very well executed, with clean lines and no slop.  Ares outfit is striking, and the work they did on the 'fur' of Cheetah is really quite amazing.

Articulation - ***1/2
One area that DC Direct is definitely improving on is articulation.  These all have both elbow and knee articulation (except Artemis, who is a statue beneath the waist), along with the usual neck, shoulder and hips.

Accessories - ***
The other area of real improvement is in accessories.  All three characters have been given appropriate accessories - Ares with his sword and axe, Artemis with her sword and bow, and Cheetah with her 'forest' display stand.

Overall - ***
Dc Direct continues to provide the collector with figures that they might never get to have otherwise, and for that we should be thankful.  More consistency with articulation, more accessories, or a lower price point would certainly improve these figures, but they look great.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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