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We have a new review from guest reviewer News2Me2005, and he's checking in with a review of a toy that's not even supposed to be out yet - Batman from Batman Begins!  Tell us all about it...

OK let me begin by saying.. In the promo photos that I have seen I was not impressed by the Mattel Batman Begins Figure. BUT, once I actually got one in my hand.. All of that changed. Are there things that could have been better? Well sure.. it’s a mass market toy… but for the most part.. Once I got this figure out of the package.. I was immediately impressed.. So without further adieu…
Lets Batman Begins….

Packaging - **1/2
Why only 2 and a half? Well I guess this is one category that is open to interpretation. I was hoping for a more dark packaging motif…Perhaps with the very cool retro bat logo that we have seen in the trailers and that adorns the bat suit.

What Mattel went with was the promo images we have all seen online. To be honest the packaging doesn’t jump out at me… it seems like another run of the mill superhero package, ala Spiderman 2...
But in my opinion. The packaging is really the only major flaw to an otherwise very cool figure.

Sculpting - ****
This is where Mattel has done a superb job. I am sure you have all seen the pictures of Bale In the bat suit. Well. this is just like that but in miniature. The cowl looks spot on as does the face, to me. It is a mini Bale in that cowl… Great Job…

The suit itself is very well done, with just the right amount of detail. Nothing looks exaggerated…it all looks spot on. I did not take a photo of it, but take a look under the cape and you can see a lot more detail, identical to what we have seen in the trailers.

Paint - ***½
This is the area I was most impressed with, and it is also the area with the least amount. It’s Batman… he is in a black suit… not very difficult in terms of paint ops… BUT what Mattel DID do, was highlight certain areas. The cowl and suit are all in matte black, the bat symbol on the chest and the gloves and boots are all done in glossy black. It is just the right amount to make it look cool.

So you might be asking, why only 3 and a half stars? Well I do have ONE small area of concern - the utility belt. Mattel opted for a gold color, and that’s it. The actual belt is silver. That is an extremely nit picky thing. 

The gold that is on the belt is consistent, as is all the paint on the figure, with no slop or edge bleed. The eyes are done very skillfully, with both eyes looking straight ahead. No lazy eye batman here!

Articulation - **1/2
Here is where Bats slips a bit. What articulation is there is functional and is decent, but it could be sooo much better.

Bats has 10 points of articulation, with a neck cut, shoulder cuts, pin elbows, waist cut, hips and pin knees. Decent for a mass market figure, but compare it to a Marvel Legends figure in the same price range, and you will feel a little shorted.

Accessories - ***
Not bad here, but not essential either. What’s here is a silver carrying case for the accessories, a folding batarang, a eye scope, and a grappling gun.

All of these are molded in a shiny gold and are obviously included to add value to the toy. Battle gear Batman is the basic version of Batman, and the Most film accurate version. So in order to make it worth the 7 bucks, they added this stuff.

Will I ever display my figure with his stuff? Probably not, but it does give us a very cool look at the Wayne Industries logo…So look.. I found a silver lining…

Fun Factor - ****
For adult collectors and Batman Fans this is a must have. He looks good, and is close to movie accurate, PLUS he is IN SCALE WITH THE BATMOBILE. For me that was a huge plus.

For kids, this is the new batman, and he will undoubtedly provide many countless hours of fun. Hell, I’m 24 and I’ve spent 2 hours myself funning around with him!

Value - ***
Standard action figure price. It is comparable to the other figures n the market.

Once these hit stores in April expect to pay around 6-7 dollars for the basic figures.

Things to watch out for
These guys are popping up all over ebay, so be careful how much you pay. Patience is a virtue. Wait another few weeks and you should see these in your local stores.

Overall - ***
Worth picking up, especially if you are a Batman fan. He is a great addition to the collection, and like I said before, the fact that he is in scale with the new Batmobile definitely makes it worth it.

Score Recap -
Packaging **½
Sculpting ****
Paint ***½
Articulation **½
Accessories ***
Fun Factor ****
Overall ***

Where to Buy -
I have a friend who hooked me up with this guy. But you can find them on ebay, and should be in local stores in the coming weeks.


Figure from the collection of News2Me2005.

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