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Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys

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Jeff Parker checks in tonight with a look at an odd duck - the Jumbo Chubby Jango! What's the scoop, Jeff?

A big thank you to Michael, whose great site keeps showing us little rays of sunshine through the economic gloom.

Right, kicking off, we’ll have to get past the fact I’m talking about a Jumbo Chubby, lets get all the sniggering out of the way now… are we all OK to continue, good!

OK. A few months ago I covered the second series of Star Wars Chubby Matryoska style figures based on the classic Ukrainian nesting dolls but given a designer vinyl twist.

When the first set was released there was a larger version of the Vader doll issued to coincide with them.
Now to accompany the second set we also have the large version of Jango, measuring in at an impressive 9” from the soles of his boots to the top of his scope. I have to admit I would have thought a Stormtrooper the most obvious choice, hell some people might have even bought two to flank their Chubby Vaders.

But never underestimate the pulling power of a Fett!
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Packaging - ***
Taking its cue from the smaller dolls, this is like a scaled up version for a single large figure, so it’s an oblong box just over 11” tall with its top left and bottom right corners cut off at a 45 degree angle.

The front has a big window through which you get a good look at the figure, while the sides have photos of the doll, as does the back alongside the smaller versions available in series 2.

It’s a predominantly white box with blue accents, nice clean graphics showing a distinct animated ‘Clone Wars’ flavour, so nothing groundbreaking, but a nice solid bit of packaging that will protect the contents well.

Inside the box are two clear vac formed trays that the figure is held between, there are also layers of clear cellophane between the body the chest rig and the helmet to protect it from any paint rubbing whilst in transit, and it must have worked as mine arrived in A1 condition.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The basic figure is just a large weeble, so nothing major to report there in terms of sculpting, but his chest rig, back pack and helmet are all very well observed.
The rig shows great detail on the armour in both the chest and epaulettes, modelled and carved with nice deep crisp lines. However I did notice one detail was missed on this figure that was strangely included on the smaller one, it’s a relatively small aspect but on the left chest panel should be two parallel bars in slight relief, but they are conspicuous by their absence, especially as the first smaller version had them. 

The detailing is still very strong and carries on round to the jet-pack, and although designed in the ‘super deformed’ style it still has all the components you’d expect., In fact a lot of respect has been shown to this element making it my favourite part of the whole figure. The style and detailing coupled with the flat paint apps breaks the whole thing down to simple geometric shapes, it’s a bit like looking at a solid 3D illustration. The helmet is in the same style and again has beautiful deep, crisp sculpt lines, and the sighting scope can also swivel up and down with a nice smooth motion and feels very solid. So all in all a cool representation that is unmistakably Jango Fett.

Paint - ****
Like a lot of designer vinyl, simplicity is the order of the day. The base figure has no sculpting at all, every bit of it’s detailing comes from the painted graphics that completely cover it. They show his face, pouched belt, the blue suit and his crossed custom made Westar 34’s.
He has magnetic feet with painted steel toecaps. The painting on the rig and backpack really is super crisp; every division line is absolutely perfect. At first I thought some of the panels were stuck on as separate pieces but they’re not, it’s an illusion created by the crisp modelling and accurate paint apps. I’ve been scrutinising to see if I can find any slop at all but I can’t it’s almost ‘too’ perfect, right down to the alien glyphs on various parts of the jet pack, all extremely solid. 

Articulation - **
Strictly speaking this figure isn’t exactly ‘articulated’ but you can make a few strategic movements here and there. 

The body can be placed in various positions on the feet, the jets on the pack can spin, the helmet can be turned and the sight-scope can sweep up and down, so while he’s far from dynamic, at least he can strike a pose!

Accessories - N/A
Nope, nuttin, and this big version has no ‘smaller’ figures nesting within either. It does however still come apart so you can use it for storing your various loose parts of Star Wars related ephemera!

Outfit - N/A
All sculpted!

Fun Factor - **1/2
I look upon it as a very cool trinket box for your shelf, not exactly a ‘plaything’; it did however draw some comments while I had it perched on my desk at work, so it’s a talking point at least.

Value - **1/2
How can you decide what is value for money when it comes to designer vinyl figures?

Some of the more obscure fashion related ‘street’ pieces fetch huge amounts of money as they have squarely crossed the border into ‘pop art’. I remember when I was first getting into hi-end 1/6th and I used to drop in on the Kidrobot site to see the latest releases from Hot Toys, Brothersworker and Medicom and I was always amazed at the prices some of the pieces demanded.

This however is a more mainstream, ’relatively’ mass-produced piece, but it’s still in limited numbers compared to many Star Wars related collectables, and as it depicts one of the Fetts I’m sure it will be popular. But when all is said and done it’s really a big hollow plastic egg with a helmet and jetpack, so for $55 it’s not exactly a bargain. However I guess its it’s all about perspective, to many people a 12” figure that costs over a $100 would be a sign of madness, whilst to others it’s a necessity.

Overall - ***
It’s a cute bit of whimsy really, more for your die-hard Fett fans or completeist SW collectors, but it’s beautifully put together, as it should be for $50+. If it had been more in the $30 to $40 area it would seem like a much sweeter deal.

Where to Buy -
Being Star Wars related I thought Sideshow would have it but I can’t find it anywhere on their site.

Entertainment Earth have this on pre-order for $ 54.09.

Andrews Toys have a selection of Chubby figures.

TFAW have the large Vader on sale and an exclusive SDCC small scale Shadow trooper Chubby .

If in the UK you’ll find it at for 49.99 each and the smaller sets for 7.99.

Or you can hit eBay where I’ve seen it for $60 to $75.
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys
Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys

Jango Fett Jumbo Chubby from Hot Toys

Figure from the collection of Jeff Parker.

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