Gentle Giant Star Wars
Lando Calrissian/Skiff Guard Disguise

I rag on Gentle Giant at times for their work, particularly because it seems so Sybil at times. One license comes out amazing, while another looks awful.

One series though that's never looked bad is their Star Wars mini-busts. Oh, there's a few less coveted, like the Padme Amidala, but this is generally less about quality than about popularity.

The latest release in the series is Lando Calrissian in his Skiff Disguise. While I would have preferred a regular Lando first, any Lando is better than none, and you can't argue with the fact that the outfit is cool.

This is an edition of 4000, and retails for around $45 - $50, depending on the retailer. I have some suggestions at the end of the review, of course.

Packaging -  ***1/2
While the graphics on the boxes isn't particularly exciting, I do like that they've moved to windows in the package. This allows you to see the actual bust, rather than just a photo on the box. The styrofoam insert is still very sturdy, and breakage is highly unlikely.

Their COA's have shrunk in size over this last year, but are still looking good, and a very nice little addition to the overall package.

Sculpting - ***
The most obvious question is "Does the helmet come off?". And the easy answer is no, it's sculpted on. Because of this, the Williams head sculpt is a little tough to really see.

But for me, I'm not seeing the resemblance. There's a passing similarity, but I wouldn't know this was Billy Dee Williams (or Lando, for that matter), if I didn't know the source material. The nose is narrower, the eyes a little closer together. He does have his famous moustache though.

The sculpt on the outfit is amazing. There's a ton of small detail work, and the wrinkles and textures are quite nice. Even the 'metal' armor is dimpled and formed just like dented metal, lending a tremendous amount of realism to the overall appearance.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are usually well done on GG busts, and this one is no exception. The outfit adds a layer of complexity, with some unusual dark colors and small details, but everything is applied cleanly. The colors are cut well, with good definition between and little or no bleed, and the use of appropriate colors goes a long way to making a solid sculpt even better.

Value - **
As the edition sizes on these slide up, the price really shouldn't. What was once a $40 price point is now getting closer to $50, and with the larger number produced, your odds of getting one of the regular releases like this (not a show exclusive) on ebay for a deal go up.

As a matter of fact, ebay dealers right now are trying to get $45 - $50 for this, and are failing. I suspect you can snag one there cheaper if you have patience, a sure sign it's overpriced.

Design/Quality - ***1/2
Lando is at attention here, holding his weapon in both hands at the ready. This bust continues the trend of being more of a half body statue than a bust, with both arms and all of the torso included. This isn't a particularly dynamic pose, but it does reflect the film source pretty well, and fits in nicely with the majority of the rest of the series.

There's good heft to the bust, and none of it (including the weapon and helmet) feel particularly weak or easy to break. Of course, it's not a good idea to go smacking this bust up against anything, even your annoying in-laws, but there's little risk of breakage with regular handling.

Things to watch out for - 
Nothing really, although you'll want to pay attention to the paint to be sure you get the best application for your money. Of course, if you're buying online, that's not an option, but rest easy in knowing that Gentle Giant tends to be very consistent in the quality of their paint work.

Overall - ***

As I mentioned, this isn't my preferred version of Lando. I'm not really feeling Billy Dee Williams in the half hidden face, but the detail work on the costume and paint operations are terrific. If I could only have one GG SW mini-bust this wouldn't be it, but if your collecting from the original trilogy, or you're like me and picking up the whole line, then he won't disappoint you.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ***
Paint - ***1/2
Design/Quality - ***1/2
Value - **
Overall -  * **

Where to Buy -
Unless you're very lucky, your best bet for this and all Gentle Giant busts is online.  Options include:

- Fireside Collectibles has him for just $41.50.

- Dark Shadow Collectibles has him at the low price of $42.

- Alter Ego Comics is just a smidge above at $42.50.

- Killer Toys has him in for $45.

- Amazing Toyz also has him at $45.

- Youbuynow has him in stock at $47.50.

- Statues or Bust don't have this one listed, but they do have a wide variety of other mini-busts in stock.

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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