Spectrum of the Bat Terror Cast Joker
Posted 03/24/01
Overall score - *
** out of ****

(originally published at Comic Book Galaxy)

Hasbro is well known for many things, not the least of which is repaints.  They've managed to repaint just about every Batman and Joker figure they've done in the last few years, if not once then multiple times.  And most of these truly suck. (that's a very technical reviewer term).

The Batman (and Superman) license is running out this year with Hasbro, and it looks like they are going to get all they can out of those old molds before it's too late.  This series, called the Spectrum of the Bat, includes repaints of three animated Batman, and the first animated Robin figure (originally called Glider Robin).  The only figure I got from the set is the Terror Cast Joker.

These are only available right now at the odd lot type stores, and small mom-and-pop type locations.  I haven't heard of any large retailer picking them up, so your best bet is a place like Big Lots or McFrugals.  They run from $5.99 to $9.99 depending on the store you find them at. 

Packaging - **
There's nothing particularly exciting here, with very basic graphics and text.  Clearly this series was done on the extreme cheap.

Sculpt - ***1/2
Here's a great Joker sculpt.  Of course, I've always loved all the animated sculpts, but this Joker is one of my favorite head sculpts.  The outfit, the style, everything about this figure is great.  It was a good figure the first time around, but it's actually an improvement in these colors.

Paint - ****
The choices in color on this figure are what really make it stand out.  The original figure was good, but the black coat and hat, along with the new shirt and suit colors, really makes this one stand out.   

Articulation - **
It's the standard five point Hasbro articulation.  If you are used to this line, you'll be getting what you expect.  If not, don't be surprised when you get a pretty basic articulation.

Accessories - ***
The two accessories included are the same ones that are included with the original Machine Gun Joker.  That's the machine gun, which fits nicely into his hand, and the Joker dynamite.  Both make perfect sense, and work well with the figure.

Value - ***
It depends on where you buy - at six bucks or less, it's a great value, but at ten or more, you're spending too much.  However, this whole series may never make it to wide spread retail, so if you're interested in these I'd buy them the first time you seen them.

Overall - ***
Occasionally, the repaint is an improvement over the original. For example, the Wind Blitz Batgirl came out first, but the second repainted version that came with the Knight Quest four pack was far superior.

This is one of those cases - this repaint is absolutely great.  The color combination is eye catching AND reasonable, unlike the average day-glo orange repaint.  Even if you have the original Machine Gun Joker, I recommend picking this figure up.  And if you are into customizing BTAS characters, the body of this figure can be used for quite a few good customs.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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