Johnny Lightning Buffy Vehicles

I don't buy too much in the die cast world.  Oh, sure the occasional Hot Wheel finds it way into my house, but for the most part I stay away from those little spawns of Satan.

But one of my favorite shows on television is Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  Well written, well acted, and overlooked by many who assume it's a 'teenager' show.  Little do they know what they've been missing...

When these showed up at my local Toys R Us, a friend that works there made sure that he pointed them out to me.  They were running abour $5 each, and there are four in the series - Xander's Chevy, Giles Citroen, Angel's GTX and Spikes Desoto.  There is a White Lightning in the set as well, but I haven't seen one of those yet.


Packaging - ***
Johnny Lightning (Playing Mantis) always does a nice job with card art on their die cast products.  This line is no exception.  A nice picture of Ms. Gellar graces the front, and if you're a completist, there are also a series of cards randomly packed on each blister.  They have a photo of one of the characters with a line from the show.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Jl's tend to have better details than most other die cast vehicles, and this set follows that tradition.  Nice work on all four cars, with great attention to detail across the board.

Paint - ***
Critical to this scale cars are the paint ops, and JL does a nice job here.  The Citroen is a bit off in terms of color - the metallic look just doesn't seem right - but otherwise the set is great.

Quality - ***
Playing Mantis produces some quality product, and collectors appreciate that along with the attention to detail.

Value - *1/2
Since these are running $4-$5 at most TRU and Wal-marts, I gotta say that value isn't their strong suit.  Sure, they are nicer cars than most Mattel products.  Sure, they come with a nice little trading card.  But that doesn't make them worth this kind of price.  $2-$3 tops is much more like it.

 Overall - ***
Obviously, I like the source material, and they did a good job of finding cars that fit the show correctly.  The only real knock here is the high cost, and if you can find these on clearance some place you'll be far happier.


   From the collection of Michael Crawford

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