DC Direct Golden Age Batman and Penguin Statues
Posted 03/26/01
Overall score - *
**1/2 out of ****

(originally published at Comic Book Galaxy)


We're seeing more and more cold cast resin statues hitting the market these days, with mixed results.

Some are extremely nice - others leave something to be desired.  With a limited amount of funds to spend, you have to be fairly picky about which you buy and which you pass by.

I had been up in the air on these two for awhile.  While I'm a huge Batman fan, the $40 or so that most shops were selling these at was just a little more than I really wanted to spend.  But then the folks at Comics Infinity put them on sale for $25 each, and I bit.

Batman is about 9" tall, and the Penguin is in scale at about 6".  Both are on a solid black base, and they are done in their classic Golden Age style. 

Sculpt - ****
Both of these statues has terrific sculpts. The work on the Penguin is particularly good, but this GA Batman looks fantastic on the shelf as well.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are fairly good here - these are supposedly hand painted across the board.  The faces are extremely good, but there is a little sloppiness on some areas of the bodies.  It's not serious, and it's actually to be expected of a hand painted piece, but I took a little off.   

Value - ****
At $40 or so, which is what most comic shops are charging, these are a pretty good deal.  But at the $25 that Comics Infinity is selling them off at, it's a great deal.  If you thought you had any interest in these, I'd grab them now!

Overall - ***1/2
Further nice work by the DC Direct folks.  I'm hoping that we'll see these continue, because I'd love to see a GA Joker, Catwoman, and Robin.

I'm quite happy that I picked these up, and they were one of my best purchases in awhile.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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