Sideshow 8" Clear Creature

Sideshow Toy is my current favorite company.  Unfortunately, they recently announced that after one more series of 8" Universal Monsters, that would be it for that particular line.  It's too bad - they've done a wonderful job - but of course all good things must come to an end.

They've done a number of variations on the standard figures, most notably the black and white versions.  But this new creature is similar to some of their Little Big Head variations, done in clear, green plastic.  You can pick him up directly from Sideshow, or many comic shops both online and off.  I got mine through Entertainment Earth, for about twelve bucks.


Packaging - ***
This is new packaging for Sideshow - a clamshell.  It works great - it can stand on it'sown, is extremely sturdy, and looks great.  The only improvement is if I could open it without destroying it - I'm pretty sure they could design a clamshell that way - but it's still an improvement over the usual bubble packaging.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I sure wasn't going to give this guy a worse score than in the past.  He's one of the best figures from a terrific line, and although the translucent plastic reduces the amount of detail you can see in the sculpt, it's still the same excellent detail.

Accessories - Bupkis
Unfortunately, we didn't get any of the cool accessories or stand that we've seen before.  That hurts this figure, particularly at the higher cost.

Quality - **1/2
The quality of these Universal Monsters has improved from the first figures, where broken joints were common. Unfortunately, this figure still suffers from those original elbow joints which were less sturdy than the later figures.

Value - **
At ten bucks, we got this figure with accessories and a stand.  At $12, the clear plastic is cool, but not $12 cool.  Considering that these are a reuse of molds that have already been used twice before, Sideshow is making a hefty margin.

 Overall - ***
Great sculpting, great characters, and cool accessories have made the 8" Universal Monsters line from Sideshow one of my favorites over the last couple years.  I'm sorry to see them end, but it's nice to have had some of the finest versions of these great characters ever done.

If you only get one Creature, get the black and white version.  But if you're a completist on this line like me, you don't want to pass this one up.

And if you put this figure on the shelf with some cool backlighting, he looks fantastic!



   From the collection of Michael Crawford

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