X-men 2 Nightcrawler

The movie is still a month away, due to be released on May 2nd, but the action figures are hitting around the world.  I recently reviewed the 12" rotocast Nightcrawler, and this week I picked up the smaller 6" scale version at KayBee Toys.

There are actually four figures in this first assortment from Toybiz - this Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and two versions of Wolverine, one on the X-men uniform and one in street clothes.  They retail for $8 at KayBee, which means they'll be another buck or so cheaper at Toys R Us or Wal-mart when they make their way there.


Packaging - ***1/2
I really like this packaging, though it's tough to put my finger on the exact reason. Perhaps it's the logo for the new film, which I think looks terrific.  Or maybe it's the sturdiness, which is important since this particular figure is so heavy.  If the bubble wasn't thick, and attached well to the backer card, it would suffer much more damage on the shelf.  Whatever the case, the packaging really works for me.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt on this figure is terrific, and he looks like he's stepped right out of the film - or at least the trailer.  There's lots of detail work, all of it well done, and the likeness is very good

I could probably do without the toothy snarl, and I think the overall head sculpt on the larger rotocast version is slightly better, but considering that the larger scale allows for more detail that's not surprising.

One other thing to note on the sculpting - this figure (and the other movie figures) will fit in fine scale-wise with the Marvel Legends and Spiderman lines.  Toybiz is being smart and keeping a somewhat consistent scale.

Paint - ****
Not a single problem on the figure I picked off the pegs.  His face paint is very detailed and clean, and the tricky eyes are dead on.  Even the white of the teeth was clean, with very little bleed onto the mouth.

Articulation - ****
There's not a single complaint from me on the articulation, and there may even be too much for some people.

He has neck, ball jointed shoulders (with a unique design that allows for an extremely full range of motion), elbows, wrists, mid-hand, chest, waist, ball jointed hips, cut thighs, double jointed knees, cut calves, and half foot.  That's a lot of articulation on a 6" figure!

The foot articulation is a bit hampered by the funky bell bottom jeans, but the majority of the articulation is well designed with plenty of range of motion.  The tail is even fully bendable, and if you can't get this guy in just the right pose, you aren't trying very hard.

Accessories - ***1/2
Nightcrawler comes with one accessory - an interior church scene.  You put it together, and there's a hole on the back (similar to the other Toybiz lines) to hang it on the wall.  The plastic used for the beams is a bit rubbery, and there isn't any peg holes on it to attach Nightcrawler's feet, but the sculpt and paint application is extremely good, and it looks great on the shelf

Value - ****
Even at eight bucks, this figure is a great deal.  With excellent sculpting, paint, articulation and a huge accessory (don't you wish you could say that), he makes something like a DC Direct figure look weak in comparison
.  At six or seven bucks, the likely retail at other stores, he's a complete steal.

Overall - ****
It's really hard for me to believe that Toybiz can be so far off with the Marvel Select or Marvel Studios lines, but do such an excellent job on the LOTR, Marvel Legends, and now X2 lines.  This is a line that's going to please both kids and collectors, look great on the shelf, and be a ton of fun to play with.

Where to Buy - 
I picked this up at my local KB.  On-line:

- Entertainment Earth has a whole case for $120, but that means you'll have to find some folks to share.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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