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Coheteboy is back this week with another great review - Superman!  Take it away!

After what seems like eons, DC Direct FINALLY releases a plain Superman action figure.  It's almost surprising that it took this long but we should probably thank our lucky stars that they did wait.  For those who haven't paid any attention, there are scores of different DC characters produced under the DC Direct toy line.  The scale is just a hair larger than Toy Biz's Marvel Legends and these collectibles are near double the price.  But you won't find better sculpted versions of your DC Superheroes anywhere else, I promise you that. 

The Superman line is so far boasting two series.  Superman, Bizarro, & Brainiac 13 in series 1, and Supergirl, Cyborg Superman, & Doomsday in series 2.  It's rather hard for me to spend so much on figures that offer less than the Marvel Legends, so I stuck with the iconic Superman.

Packaging - **1/2
The line of Superman characters receives a rather generic but unique card that features an exploding green planet as a background.  The packaging is actually very generic for the price you're paying, and the cardstock is rather thin as well.  Hunting for a solid mint figure might be tough.  But I buy to open, so it didn't bother me TOO much.  There's nothing much to it really... just your standard card & bubble.  Quite unattractive actually.

Sculpting - ***1/2
If there's something that DC Direct can always be counted on, it's the sculpt.  No matter how much articulation is provided, everyone can rest assured that the figure will look GREAT standing on your shelf.  There's not much more to say really... this is pretty much the version of Superman I've been waiting my entire life to own.  A superb recreation of the comic book character.

Paint - ***1/2
Pain applications is also very well done on Superman.  All the colors are bold and clean.  Blues are solid blues, reds are solid reds.  Paint on the face is also nicely executed.  And yes, the 'S' on the cape is painted yellow... just in case any of you were curious.

Articulation - **1/2
The standard DC Direct action figure tends to only have a small 9 points of articulation.  Superman, however, really IS super in comparison with 21 points of articulation.  It's still disappointing after owning many of the Marvel Legends, but for those who own all of the DC Direct figures, Superman will probably land the highest on your list. 

Superman's neck articulation allows for looking up for comfortable flying.  Another few extra points are given in his wrists as well as a cut thigh and cut bicep. 

Unfortunately, Superman still isn't articulated enough to display in cool action poses.  But he does look rad standing tough... which is good enough reason for me.

Accessories - 1/2 (that's right... it's one half of a star)
Superman comes equipped with a stand.  That's it.  Now I totally understand that Superman is just the most comprehensive of super heroes, but at least a chain necklace of kryptonite would have been a neat addition.  But still, shouldn't we be glad that he comes with a display stand?  Well for that price... yes.  But it's a cheap blue piece of plastic that doesn't look very good at all.

Value - **1/2
I picked this up from for $14.99 with tax and shipping, coming out to $18.05.  Expect to pay about that price or more depending on the comic book shop or ebay auction.  So anyway, $18.05 for a figure with far less points of articulation than Marvel Legends (that sell for $6.99), is the low point here.  But Superman is a classic and I didn't regret picking it up.

Overall - ***1/2
As I mentioned above, Superman is one of those characters you can't pass up, if you're a comic book fan.  There has never been a Superman figure this good before so I advise all interested parties to pick one up.  This is the best DC Direct figure ever made and will make a perfect addition to all collections.

Where to Buy - 
You're local comic shop is your best bet right now.  On-line:

- Boise River Collectibles have them for $16.  Check under the DC Direct category.

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