WB Mr. Freeze and Nightwing Wall Hangers
Posted 04/02/01
Overall score - *
**1/2 out of ****

(originally posted at Comic Book Galaxy)

One of the nicer items at the Warner Brothers Galleries has been the animated style wall hangers.  So far, they've produced six - Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, Harley, Mr. Freeze and Nightwing.

The price has increased on these, unfortunately. Last year, these were running $40 each, but like most of the gallery items, the price went up slightly, to $45.

Sculpt - ****
More excellent sculpt work on these pieces.  The entire series has been great so far, and Mr. Freeze is by far the nicest produced.  His glass dome and fantastic sculpt look spiff on the wall.  If you only get one, he'd be it, but the whole series is well worth the price.

Paint - ****
There doesn't appear to be any slop here, and the paint work is consistent and clean.   

Value - ***
At $45 you are pushing it with these.  Sure, they are extremely nice looking, but I think that the price should not have increased.  I doubt these price increases this year helped the galleries any, either.

Overall - ***1/2
I really wish the WB stores weren't going belly up.  I'd love to continue this line, along with the maquettes and statues, but it looks pretty unlikely that we'll see any more.

If you have a hunch that these are something you'd like, I'd pick them up now.  Once the stores close, ebay will be your only choice, and we all know how that ends up.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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