G.I. Joe Roadblock and Destro

Palisades continues to roll with their excellent line of mini-busts based on the G.I. Joe, Real American Hero series. Already released are Stormshadow, Snake Eyes (both reviewed here), and Baroness (reviewed here). Now shipping is Destro and Roadblock, both up for review today. Coming soon are Cobra Commander and Scarlett.

Destro is another evil doer, determined to destroy the Joe team. On the opposite spectrum is Roadblock, a skilled Joe team member and keeper of the peace.

These retail for around $30-$40 depending on where you pick them up, and I have a couple excellent suggestions at the end of the review.


Packaging - ***
The boxes look good, and are extremely well designed for the protection of the bust, while still allowing the buyer to see what they are getting. They are relatively collector friendly, and the edition number is printed on the box, as well as the base of the bust.

Sculpting - ****
Some things are photogenic, so fantastic looking from any angle and in any light, that you'd have to be completely incompetent to take a bad photo of them. That's what these busts are like. I've been happy with the whole line, but these two are true standouts.

The level of detail on both is very high, but Roadblock has a lot more opportunities for that detail to shine. From his knife to his small bags, every detail has been show a tremendous amount of attention.

But Destro is no slouch, and the jewel around his neck is a highlight, along with the rockets on his right arm.  Both sculpts are really outstanding.

Paint - ****
The paint application is perfect, and it's just what you'd expect in this price point and in a mini-bust. These two stand out because of color choice and style.

Destro has that silver mask and gauntlets, tough to make look realistic with just paint. They've used a black wash on the silver to give it some depth and age, and it works extremely well.

Roadblock has sharp looking color combinations, with the bright color of his tunic looking great against the dark, smooth and consistent skin tone. There's not a bit of slop, over spray or bleed on either of these figures, and the colors are bright and vibrant.

Design - ***
If there was one negative about the sculpting, it would be the lack of consistency in the choice of style. Some of the mini-busts, like Stormshadow and now Roadblock, have no arms. Others, like Snake Eyes and Destro have both arms. And of course, just to make sure we have all the possibilities covered, Baroness has only one arm. I don't have a serious issue with this, as you can see by my score in this area. But it's worth noting since some people may find the inconsistency takes away from the look of the entire set together.

Quality - ***1/2
The same usual Palisades quality is evident here. If you've bought any of the Joe or Alien/Predator mini-busts, you'll know what I'm talking about. I wouldn't drop these on a concrete floor, but the bases and busts are solid and sturdy, and won't break with normal handling.

Value - ***
I'm basing this score on the suggested retail of around $40-$50. However, you can find them for as low as $30 each, and at that price you're getting a much better value.

Overall - ***1/2
Great sculpting and excellent paint ops continue to be the hallmark of this line of mini-busts. For the serious Joehead, these are a dream come true, but they are fairly pricey collectibles. If you're going to pick them up, look for the best deal you can find.

Where to Buy - 
I haven't seen these at any bricks and mortar stores, but there are some good choices on-line:

- Beans Toys has an excellent price on these at $30 each. They are also great at customer service, and I've always been pleased with any purchase I made there.

- AisleSniper has them for $40 each, and still has the first three available. They also have the  Scarlett bust up for pre-order.

- Big Bad Toy Store offers them for $33 each, but only has Roadblock still in stock. Their flat $5 shipping rate is always attractive.

- And if you get desperate, and the others sell out, Entertainment Earth has them for $45 each plus shipping.



Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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